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Please don't forget these skills in RoS

Buff impale... That's what I want lol I gave my reasons why up there ^^

Such a cool skill gone to waste :(

If we seriously consider the intended usage of impale via all of the reduce cost items geared for impale you would think it is not a single target / mass destruction skill everyone likes it to be. But rather a spamable utility skill. It would not surpise me if they make it more like Elemental Arrow ( which now can generate Hatred ). Impale might see a low to zero hatred cost and spamable..

see heres the thing about that, if they intend us to turn it into a spamable skill it is still terrible lol which is why on live even with cost reduction gear people prefer elemental arrow. We have so many other spamable skills with similar DPS that have much better AOE. Bola, Frost Arrows, Ball lightning, multishot etc etc.

Impale doesn't have a place as a weak spammable skill when compared to the options already available (which is why nobody uses it), it should be an option up there with the heavy hitters like cluster arrows and spike traps. Right now cluster arrow is in a league of its own and i think if impale even got its cost reduction gear nerfed a bit but its damage output doubled or even tripled it would make it much more attractive and competitive choice versus cluster arrows. With cluster arrows you have more AOE and more damage with impale i could see it being less AOE but slightly less damage but also cost less.

In certain situations one might outshine the other and so on. Thats what we need, another heavy hitting spender that can be a competitive choice versus with cluster arrows and promote more builds. We dont need anymore low dps spamablle AOE skills, we have plenty of those as it is.
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11/25/2013 08:41 AMPosted by BlackVenom
@D3MON - did you loose your MVP status? just wondering.


11/25/2013 08:47 AMPosted by TastySouP
only on EU posts ^.^


11/25/2013 08:47 AMPosted by TastySouP
still no murican-mvps for us DHs :(

Loads of potentials here in the US> Loads of you are great community members. I already told Nyan i'd vote for him :)

11/25/2013 08:41 AMPosted by BlackVenom
1 - 100% crit. chance right at the start of the battle ( for the most part ) so you can go A0E and reduce mob eHP right off the hop.
2 - setup caltrops and turrets and smoke screen for a bit to rebuild ChC and unload more A0E hatred spenders.


Well you don't understand how to prepare for battle...

If you haven't read, read

shsh is simple. It works like crushing blow, if you get it out on the initial strikes the rest of the game is easy. IMO it is a L2P skill that and gives a player a lot more damage than you can see on your profile.

Good points and thanks for the posts on ShSh. I understand it can be used to effectiveness. I guess i have never got it to work well for me though. maybe with 4 passive slots its cool, but with 3 i always figure its better to go with archery+Steady aim and nightstalker/cotw when using 1 handed xbow... which is the weapon of choice if you want to make good use of ShSH right?

Either way, that skill is highly underused and maybe needs tweaking a bit to make it more appealing?

11/25/2013 11:53 AMPosted by METATRON
My biggest gripe with all our skills right now in ROS is IMPALE!

I thought they increased this to 620% damage.

Even then i'm still with you actually. As i mentioned in the OP, our single target skills are not much to be looked at. If its single or few targets that the skill is aimed at for the use of the skill then the damage multiplier needs to be very high.

11/25/2013 01:22 PMPosted by Leguleyo
Right now in beta archery for 1hxbow users is 5% crit chance, right? Ss is 4% and increases rapidly. They are very similar except if you dw.

hmmm good call, forgot they nerfed archery like that. I do DW so thats cool, but i'll get 5% less chc now... Even in the heat of battle though, still better to have archery if you're a skill spammer?

On another note, as mentioned above, i'm not sure i'd even think about touching "singled out"... I dunno how thats supposed to be useful with dense mobs all the time in this game...? strange design choice...
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rofl they did buff impale i guess... strange because the streamer i asked to test it was doing TERRIBLE damage with it still compared to the initial crit from cluster arrows which was in the millions the impales were barely hitting for 1m or less.

I know the datamined info says its at 620% but i havnt bothered to ask if it still reads for that much in the beta. either way i think it should be hitting for more to compete with cluster arrows considering its mostly single target with almost zero AOE except on two runes.
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