Diablo® III

Mission; Clear Mp10 Pre-RoS (Paragon 90!)

Update 01/02 (Paragon 80 and MOAR IK GEAR!! >,<)
http://i.imgur.com/0SX5bLW.jpg - So just a small update, got para 80!! This also marks the first of my long term goals complete (yay!)!

Also looted ANOTHER ik belt and a pair of IK gloves, this now means i only have the chest to go to have looted every single ik piece..... Yet still no nat boots!!!


155/243 Square amythests, less then 100 to go!!
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Update 10/02 (Radiant amethyst done! A maximus, nat crossbow and green boots!?!?!?!)
http://i.imgur.com/35NGxAX.jpg - So to start off, FINALLY completed my radiant amethyst, this means i can now start using my amy gems to craft amulets as im in desperate need of a good (hopefully) trifecta amy.

Secondly got a nice maximus for my enchantress, this is the first time ive actually used one of these things on a follower it actually seems really good and most of all, FUN! I was actually wondering if anyone could tell me what would be better if im trying to actually push the most dps out of my enchantress? A skorn or the maximus?

Also was wondering if any1 knew which follower provided more DPS overall against ubers, enchantress or scoundrel?

http://i.imgur.com/0d2jv4V.jpg - Moving on, had a pretty heart stopping moment when i thought the moment had finally come!! But they were blackthornes.... soul crushing stuff haha.

Also looted the nat crossbow so now ive looted every nat piece but the helm/boots, they shall be mine!

To close out, paragon 86 now, almost 87, closing in on 90 and will probably start attempting mp8 once i get there!

Till next time tho!
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You know, I totally mis-understood your post title. I assumed you crafted a "rad amulet" and were done because it was, you know, so rad you weren't going to beat it. :)


If your looking for DPS, I'd say the Skorn will likely do more. Followers do so little DPS that the bleed effect is actually relative significant. I'd still use the naximus, however. Sooo much more fun.

Good luck to you. Still at least a few weeks to RoS!
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Update 15/02 (Paragon 90)
Just a small update, got paragon 90. http://i.imgur.com/0Fw708f.jpg

Also have being looting some legendarys i havent got yet still which is good, still no nats. Got a zuni chest today for example.

Have to admit tho, the hype train has passed. With the hearthstone beta comin out its crushed my urge to play diablo, i intend on just doing half a level a day till 100 then just a few runs each day till RoS.

Hopefully the rng gods will be on my side!
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Come on, don't give up :)
You lvl-ed much faster than me in the last 20-30 plvl, i'm only p87 today.
The best parts will now come, when you really start to find good gears.
Best example is my monk, today a Unity ring and the Inna's pants skyrocket my DPS to 109K.
(Need craft some gears, because my resist is low now)

So my first goal is reached (>100k dps), maybe I'll not reach P100 until ROS, to clear MP10 seems impossible until deadline. :)
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