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Why shield increasing my monk DPS?

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My monk DPS increased a lot when I am equipping a shield or without a weapon than dual-wielding. The shield affix does not have dex bonus or critical chance.

Is it a bug or intended?
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More than likely its intended.
To put it simply, 50% of your dps comes from one hand and 50% from the other. So if one weapon is significantly weaker than the other without providing great stats that helps both weapons, it will actually lower your total damage.

Shields on the other hand often come with crit chance and high primary stats which will boost your dps which will be based 100% on a solid weapon.

Shield won't always be better than Dual Wielding or vice versa. It depends on the weapons, the shield and the rest of your gear.

Read up on how Dual Wielding works

Then go find a simple DPS calculator on the web so you can do your own analysis.
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IAS. That is all.
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The problem is the shield that i am wearing does not comes with any dps modifier (IAS,CD,CC, Dex)...unless you are considering chance to blocking is a DPS modifier,
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My monk DPS without equipping shield


The shield that I going to equip it.



My monk dps from 700+ jumped to 1300+ after equipping a shield.



Why is this happening?
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Because your offhand weapon is garbage compared to your main hand and you are better off not using it.

While each weapon gets a 15% attack speed boost, each weapon does not contribute 100% of its damage, only 50% because you are splitting your attacks between the two. So your total damage is like an AVERAGE of the two.

For example,
If Main hand weapon does 100 by itself
And if Off hand weapon does only 50 by itself...

Damage its calculated like this:
100 x .5 x 1.15 = 57.5
50 x .5 x 1.15 = 28.75
Total damage = 57.5 + 28.75 = 86.25
Better off not dual wielding.

Dual wielding only makes sense when both weapons are nearly equal or have stats that benefit both weapons.
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