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Plz Read/Watch This Blizzard !!

I rarely post any thread on forum... But i am doing this just so that more ppl would see & respond.
This video is taken from WD forum and originally posted by REAPER666, so i take no credit for it.

Everything Athene said made perfect sense to me.. Blizzard, it is time to wake up for your own sake!

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There is already a thread containing this link with the same message. Did you just create a dupe thread?
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Oh please, when are you people going to wake up? If this guy has a clues he would know that at this stage in the ros beta all the stuff like drop rates and such are meaningless. He talks like this is open beta a week before release. Blizzard needs to yank his beta membership because it is apparent he is useless to the beta.

As for the op well I guess he also can't grasp what beta is.

Btw Blizzard can put this up on the screen in the café , it is good for a laugh track.
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12/02/2013 12:52 PMPosted by Deadru
Btw Blizzard can put this up on the screen in the café , it is good for a laugh track.

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I understand the beta has not been out long and much will be bound the chance, but at the same time for what RoS is currently is slightly dissapointing. I mean it still seems the are unsure how to make a end game with Diablo and now this beta is going to be all patched up based off the beta testers idea's, not from the Blizz team themselfs. I dont know...sometimes I feel the creators of this game are the testers themselfs...
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Athene is a waste of oxygen and he depletes your braincells by watching or listening to him. I tried once, and I'm a shell of my former self. I used to design rocket propulsion systems. Now I serve french fries. All from 10 minutes of watching him stream.
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