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XBox 360 Diablo III crash in Act III

I have just, for the fourth time, had Diablo III crash my XBox. I cannot say with any certainty what has happened each time previously, but I had just completed the ballistae destruction before heading to the Bridge of Korsik (*edit - after bridge of Korsikk, heading to Rakkis Crossing) this time around. I am pretty sure it always happens in Act III and always before *Rakkis Crossing as far as I can remember.

I have only ever encountered this crash when playing multiplayer, from what I remember. I may have encountered it alone once, but I know at least three times during multiplayer this has happened.

Every time I have had this crash occur, the screen will freeze, the sound will tick every second or so, (including the voice of the people I am playing with being stuck in the tick-tick-tick sounds), I cannot dashboard or do anything but power off the console, and even that takes about 15 seconds before it will shut down. I can power up and play again, but it will happen again.

I had been playing for about 2 hours when it happened today. The XBox is well ventilated (I checked that thread the last time this happened), it is not hot by any strethc, and this never happens in any other games that I also sometimes play for more than 2 hours at a stretch, so this IS directly related to Diablo 3, and not a system issue.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. An update on why this happens to so many people and a fix for it would be greatly appreciated!
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Fifth crash, same symptoms, XBox is not hot, multiplayer in the Keep Depths level 3 with 2 other players that I game with often, started with tick-tick-tick sound, and several seconds later the entire box froze.

Has anyone responded on what is causing this or if there is any attempt to fix it or even investigate it?? I have found many reports of this issue, but not a single solution or even a mention that it is even being looked into. Some action is required on this! Please?! Thanks!
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They have to know it by now. EVERYBODY is having this same problem and it always occurs in a few areas in act 3.

I won't play this game again until they fix it. What you described is exactly how everyone else described it.
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I have de same trouble...
Blizzard is not the same. The console customers are client of second class for her...
(XBOX principally....)
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Seems you are right. After more than a month without running into this, it has happened again. Silly me, thinking maybe it was fixed!

For the record (hopefully someone is actually going to read this who has some influence on getting this addressed and not ignored as it seems to be, from the lack of any response to any reports) - this happened in The Keep Depths level 2, Inferno (Master I) on a level 60 monk. In this particular case, I was playing alone, though my game was open to friends to join if they chose, just there was no-one online at the time I was playing.

This needs to be fixed! Please address or at least acknowledge the situation? This is really impolite to completely ignore what is a fairly prevalent issue with many players!
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It has happened again - I think this is the 7th time?? HELLO? ANYONE HOME!!!!????

THIS time I was in the second Hell Rift in Act IV. That's the first time it has happened there, that I can remember... Instead of it getting fixed, things are getting worse. Can someone please at the VERY least acknowledge the issue? I am sure we are all tired of being ignored.
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It has happened to me and I lost some legendary items too.

I noticed that after finishing a run in Act 3 at Inferno all areas previously explored are "reset" and also the mobs (including the guardian of the key). At first I thought it was a feature of the console version and I have not posed any problems, but also with the other acts playing marathon sessions does not happen the same thing.

Can be connected in any way with the freezes of act 3?
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i'm having exactly the same problem playing couch multiplayer - one character from xbox live, another saved locally.
The freeze occurs in keep depths act 3.
in my case it was on Nightmare. We already cleared it once luckily so were able to continue to act IV.
Please help.
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I just froze in Keep Depths level 3; this isn't the first time either.

I've actually been frozen a lot in the second Hell Rift in Act 4. Other than those two the rest of the crashes seem almost completely random.

Mine are a bit different though. I don't get any tick sound, but I can tell a few seconds before it about to happen, because the sound just mysteriously cuts out. Sure enough within a few seconds it everything just freeze. That is how 100% of my crashes have happened.
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