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I have one request towards the mystic.

Knowing currently the mystic can enchant an items' affix, re-rolling it into an entirely different affix. I was thinking how cool it would be if not only could you re-roll an affix into an entirely different one, but to be able to re-roll the numbers of an already existing affix.

The ability to re-roll an affix into a different one is great, along with the mechanic of making it Bind on Account and only being able to do this to one stat per item. This works well.
What I am thinking is the possibility to also re-roll the number of an existing affix as well, on top of the re-rolling a separate affix.
Whether this is just a one off affix you can choose to keep re-rolling (like the current state towards re-rolling) or whether you could re-roll the number of every single other affix on the item.

Perhaps the latter could be a bit Over Powered, depending on how the Reaper of Souls itemisation works, but definitely the ability to re-roll the numbers of an affix would open up yet another class of items to "look at" for potential re-rolling.

Not only does this encourage more of a gold/materials sink for the mystic, it also puts more hope into more items and making more excitement towards each individual item drop.

I don't really see a downside to this, given the fact it may cost a bucket load of gold and crafting materials to actually re-roll an affix into a range you are happy with. Letting this continue per each affix on any given item, could create an even larger gold/materials sink than one could even afford. Giving even more thought into whether or not this particular item is worth re-rolling any part of it or being happy where it is. Perhaps later when one has saved up the materials and gold to return to try their luck again on this already (must be) pretty epic item.

This in turn gives the mystic more purpose and another use. As opposed to the current two possible abilities of the enchanting woman.

Of course Blizzard, as you know, the gold/materials costs would be balanced based on the item drop rates, gold drop rates and crafting material drop rates in order to be a real success. In my eyes, if the balance between these things was close to perfect it would completely open up a new way to find "EPIC LOOT".

Hope some of you agree. Especially Blizz.

Edit: This think twice about re-rolling stats mentality comes from gold not being tradable. If the only way to get gold is to farm, then you will always be limited by what you can spend/per time you've spent playing. Earning your gold and being rewarded for it. (Expensive crafting haha)
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rerolling 1 affix is already too powerfull. Its crazy to think that just one reroll can really improve an item, but it truly does. I almost think currently enchanting is already OP.

Besides you can already do what you say and keep re-rolling until you get the same stat but higher.

Rerolling 2 affixes, even if you could only improve one instead of get a new stat, would be so overpowered.

So, its a no I don't like it from me.
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a re roll for 1 stat is good, the only thing i want to see is enchanting the normal non magical items on her part.

smith should be able to generate a random socketing into an item 1 - 4 or what ever the max is
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Keep in mind this should be very expensive. Not something that you would just do to every item you find. Hence noting the balance between drops vs crafting costs.

The current enchanting should be the same way and this proposal would need the same base items. 4-5 good affixes and one you want to change. Only this way, you can improve on of the 4-5 that are already good affixes to have good stats too.

This allows Best in Slot gear to be craftable, so to speak. This in turn means to craft, to get BiS gear, you need to actually play the game to gather the gold/materials etc. At least giving hope for getting a great item for those unlucky enough not to find a good upgrade in like 50 hours.

It should be by no means cheap or easy to do these things to gear you find. It should be expensive (Again, relative to the drops) so you actually have to think twice about what piece of gear you want to dump all your savings into. To me that makes a lot of sense.

Limiting this second roll in the same way as the current re-roll. Only one affix can be replaced and re-rolled as many times with increasing costs, plus limiting the secondary roll you could choose to re-roll the numbers of to one stat as well. You never know, you could roll a worse number on that slot and the next roll would be more expensive to try again.

With gold not tradable etc. this would ultimately limit you to how many times you could re-roll anything at any one time. Until you work up your savings to try again. You earned it, that's your reward.
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