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disintegrate build; viable? how much gold?

want to get wiz to plvl100 for RoS, don't really find CMWW appealing at all. but i never get bored of disintegrate. any builds that use disintegrate to farm and aren't completely, pathetically inferior to the point where im an idiot if i use it instead of cm? or does it pretty much depend on gear, and either/or can be as effective

ive palyed a barb since release, never beat inferno with any other class lol. im in the dark here
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If you just want to be efficient, and don't want to run SNS, then Archon is the way to go. Disintegrate is basically Archon with less DPS, less EHP, and a few extra buttons to press.

For Archon guides, see: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9793089550 and https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10433783580
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i think it depends on gear sumwhat. if you can pump enough dps and mit into your gear you can make any skill work.

i think if you basically run desintegrate like archon it should be okay but you will need more mit.

maybe an arcane dynamo build or somthing? you living lighting into a mob as it picks up your 5 stacks you then channel disintegrate gettign full benifit and have teleport on teh side for fast paced movement, then spark flint and magic weapon and either pinpoint barrier or that super mitty armor spell sorry forgot. passivs would be gc dynamo and maybe astral prescence? or blur or something.

i'm not sure how viable it is but it should be alright, jsut be prepeared to be looking into the 3-400kdps range for mp8+ ideally 600kdps for mp10 i would say.
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12/04/2013 02:09 PMPosted by Amos
i'm not sure how viable it is but it should be alright, jsut be prepeared to be looking into the 3-400kdps range for mp8+ ideally 600kdps for mp10 i would say.

Yeah...it's viable...with insane gear. 400k with solid EHP had me handling MP8...sorta...and it was slooooww... I think AD is an absolute must. (sadly enough because I hate using signature spells)
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12/04/2013 01:36 PMPosted by Sigh
any builds that use disintegrate to farm and aren't completely, pathetically inferior to the point where im an idiot if i use it instead of cm? or does it pretty much depend on gear, and either/or can be as effective

You will need to outspend CM gear to be as effective.

What MP do you want to run Disintegrate on? Don't say mp10 because that's masochism, and you could run Archon instead.

You could try mp7-8 -- lowish APS build like with Sleet Storm or use Living Lightning and Prodigy to regain AP.

I can run Disintegrate on mp10 with sacrifices to speed/efficiency, AP, mit. You have to love it like no other to run it on high mps.
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wait what is mit? i thought people were typoing vit but i keep seeing it

well i want to just level to 100 so i guess disintegrate was fine to beat n-nm-hell and i can switch it up now at least until i get bored and wanna raze demons on mp0 lol

is the gearing choices for wiz pretty much the same for most builds or are there specific things that work for specific specs? i mostly run solo, and like i said i dont like the idea of the freeze / tornado build, having to spam all your buttons constantly just feels awkward....but if its the #1 best and is comparable to WW barb vs any other barb in terms of clear speed i guess ill go for it...
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mit = mitigation

or the collective % amount of damage you can withstand. so you will see people saying things like you need to be 89% mit or 87%mit is a little low and only crazy people have 92%mit

if you plug your profile into d3up it will tell you what your mit % is in your stats column on the right.

I think it's archon or at least hybrid archon for you mate, i think you can run desintegrate effectivly enough in a group and solo mp8 is just fine thats where i play solo most of the time anyway, it's a little easier and for me thats more fun rather then being 100% technical in my positioning and timing.

by hybrid archon i do of course mean useing archon as a quick burst damage ap refill skill. wher eyou pop it to finish off a group when you run out of ap then cancel it and bang your back to max ap effective channeling with desintegrate
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Disintegrate looks great on paper, and easily exceeds Archon damage with Arcane Dynamo and reliable Cold Blooded boost.
But in practice it has issues with your beam being interrupted and having to charge up AD again. And it is much more flimsy than Archon. Archon is better value, has twice the range, can fire through Elite waller walls, and objects, no AP required on gear.
But try disintegrate. It is fun.
You want low speed gear. You will need a source of AP. Either
1. Run Living Lighting + Prodigy which means no gear needed.
2. Use 1 AP item (6crit Stormcrow best choice), and use Prism and CM. With good crit you can keep up Prism all the time.
3. Use 2 sources of AP. The is recommended by most. By I don't like it since it gimps damage too much and you need and extra AP item.
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is disintegrate usually used when using archon to buff your damage or is that sort of your 'signature spell' when in archon form anyway and it doesnt need to be on your skill bar?

i dont wantt o have to invest crazy gold just to make disintegrate effective,
but if the 'archon' build uses disintegrate then i have no issues with using both ^^
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Archon does not use Disintegrate. It uses Archon Beam which is a separate skill.
If you have Archon on your skill bar then disintegrate would be redundant.
Sample Archon build :
Living Lightning FN Cold Snap
Pinpoint Armor Sparkflint
Blood Magic Improved Archon

Passives : CM, Glass Cannon, Cold Blooded

I always place Frost Nova on right mouse button so when Archon wears it while I am firing it automatically freezes enemies.
Also Pinpoint on button 1 because when in Archon form you hold down right button while hitting button 1 every few seconds for Archon Blast cooldown. When out of Archon it becomes an easy habit to tap 1 to refresh armor before engaging Archon.
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Well I don't have the best gear in the world but I hold my own on MP10 with my disentigrate build. I haven't played much lately but I used to start MP10 pubs because I hated rolling the dice joining stagnant mostly finished ones. I'd have 4 or 5 NV stacks by the time others started joining. MP8 is probably the most efficient for my gear though. Pretty quick and almost no deaths at MP8. No I don't claim it's on par with archon or cm/ww but with a little practice it's quite a fun way to play
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Forgot to add that it works better when I replace my hellfire with my Zuni pox and helm with cc/apoc crow
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i guess it's viable, well, sort of. here's my thoughts.
disintigrate is buffed by quite some margin, in fact, it's damage is even higher than current improved archon. Chaos Nexus looks the best for overall eDPS, as you have decent chance to hit multiple targets, especially useful against those who creep close from behind. Or maybe volatility, especially in westmarch tight quarters, where backside creepers are less of an issue. But you gotta have max range, so entropy isn't an option.
A also went for -5 disintigrage SoJ, with good 6%/13ap/29%elites other stats.

now, i found that the biggest issue is how to have more time zapping them (what's buys you the most time). So i tried temporal flux, slow time, etc. But i found out that blizzard with Stark Winter is the smoothest. But you might go snowbound and just spam a couple of smaller blizzards in different spots. Great for eDPS (2 damages at once), decent slow and very large AoE. The only thing is to offset it's high cost is to increase it's duration.
i bought -4sec teleport, +3 sec duration The Oculus with 10APoC, 9,5%CC, decent int and avg damage.
From what i tested, damage per sec stays the same, but the duration is increased by 50% and therefore it does more damage also. And Blizard got buffed itself too. So it does approx 130% weps damage per sec. So basically like having a quarter of screen targetable and ranged AoE signature spell damage worthy that's doing job by itself for 9 sec.

the biggest issue is actually AP regen. Disintigrate scales well with APS (just like archon), but the issue with high APS is AP consumption, like most channeled spenders. So you need APoC, which sadly roll in RoS on "wrong places".

currently it works flawlessly with 3xApoc (i have 29 total, as my rare wand is 9apoc), by my APS is 1,88, so, if i tune this down to let's say 1,4-1,5 (cannot go 2hander, because no apoc source otherwise), you'll easily get this to work with 2 pieces of apoc. No primary needed really, blizzard/disint with apoc pays for itself.
For l70 endgame, it might come to a point, where you must have one legacy apoc item. Decent (like my -4tele/+3bliz) APoC source looks the best, as it has the most amount of already RoS-max rolls and there's little to reroll, plus average damage is in RoS just a touch higher, so no big loss there; but APoC is the king here. I'm really worried why Blizzard have killed this in RoS. With a single APoC source, you might want to go slow 1hander (like a mace or a spear) with little as possible IAS (sort of sleetstormers type) and maybe even have to go for some AP regen skill or passive, but i guess it will work eventually. Maybe less blizzards and therefore a touch more microing.

is easily buffable just like archon, so sparkflints, magic weapons, etc come handy. Also you can use coldblooded, as most of the targets are in the blizzard anyway and thefore bonus is applied.

For defenses i recommend EA:Prismatic (self explanatory) and Teleport:Fracture (i just cannot think of a working wizard without a tele). as it turns out, with -4 sec tele, Evocation and at least some cooldown gear (maybe 20% total), you'd have ~100% Fracture uptime. Very useful for distraction and also again, buys you more time to zap them. if you feel that you don't want to see your clones on the battlefield, new upgraded (both time and DR) Safe Passage looks promising also. With domination as a passive (even nerfed) this could be excellent adventure mode build for trash/elite killing.

Now, you'll likely to have 1 free skillslot to fill. You might to fullblown archon destruction, just for these 20 sec of elitekilling. Or you might go frostnova:cold snap for defenses and kiting.

It may not be torment 3+ build, but it might work okay at say T1/2, if you stack a bit of defenses and dps.

price and gearing (current EU estimates)
10apoc/9+cc/-4tele/+3bliz/5%+elite/240+avg oculus say 10-15M (there is one available in EU GAH)
rare black wand with 40+%weps damage(very useful for RoS reroll at first stages/8+apoc/50+CD or maybe lifesteal/sox/. depends on dps. 1100dps are outrageosly priced. low 1000-s maybe 15m, sub 950 are cheap, <1m
Zuni 3-piece set (pox, marrow, boots), basically how much you can get. IAS on the pox is not needed, so good save here. i got my RoS du-pox (85int/66AR/sox/7%life/34%CD/4,5CC) for 30m and i think it's a steal. This will be probably the most expensive pieces.
crafted shoulders or maybe cheap single int/max vit vilewards, but i guess no point of spend much on these. will be replaced soon anyway.
24% movespeed is a bit touchy subject: inna's are terrible for EHP and lacunis with CC and good mit are expensive, so you might skip it and go 12%ms with crafted bracers and max EHP/INT pants (and by the looks, pants are probably the first place you'll find an upgrade).
8%lighting/10apoc/6%CC Stormcrow or INT/6CC/sox/life%/10apoc/vit-or-armor-or-AR rare wizard hat.
-5 disint SoJ should not be expensive, if you can find one with high elites and ele, you might score sub 1m, but you might not be that lucky and have to shed out say 10m.
You might go for decent witching hour, but i fear that with AR and double int it will be expensive. maybe a reason to save a bit for RoS.
gloves/amulet as you wish. you might go prepared for RoS and spend a bit more on amulet, as they tend to be one of the least possible good upgrades, just beause of 4-max primary stat rolls.
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