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WTS 400k DPS and 400k EHP MP10 DH

My dear fellow demon hunters,

The time has come for me to cut back on the demon hunting and I'm looking to sell my DH set.

- She is fully MP10 capable, be it group or solo. (No video streaming but demo sessions can be arranged for serious offers.)
- No BOA items accept for bracer.
- Price includes gems. Marq gems will be replaced by RS.
- Strictly selling as a full set.
- Price: Serious offers only please! Add me in game to discuss or post here. :)
- Gold or RMAH accepted. No paypal.
- *Special* arrangement and price available for players in Singapore. Let me know!

Stats below are as per D3up.com:

DPS: 401k unbuffed with archery
APS: 2.063 (BP of 2.01 achieved)
CC: 60%
CD: 510%
Attkspd: 69%
Dex: 3,355

EHP: 401k
HP: 69k
Armour: 4,132
AR: 470
Dodge chance: 53.55%

Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Fatality-6124/hero/22860756

Also selling my WD and Barb, see link below:


To Nyan and other DH gurus, could not have come this far without your help. >(^-^)>

~ Fatality
Edited by Fatality#6124 on 12/6/2013 9:50 PM PST
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how much for the set minus any gems?
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thanks for the responses so far!
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nice toon, I have NO idea why these guys build decent toons and can't finish the job :/ really strange. On MY way to P100 in 150hours, so GLWS.
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Thanks dethaxe :)

My own goal was to build a chr from each class that was mp10 capable, and I think I've achieved that. Paragon leveling was something that would be nice to achieve as well, but life with its constant change of events, decides otherwise.

All the best hitting P100 and allow me to congratulate u in advance!
Edited by Fatality#6124 on 12/7/2013 2:00 AM PST
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Thanks for the queries but I'm not looking just to sell my manti unless you want to pay for the whole set. :)
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I'm interested, hit me up in game.
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Hey Fatality <(^^<)

I may suggest to throw in a strongarm bracer w/ 230+ dex/70+ vit once you do get a buyer, since your current bracer is BoA.
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hmm im interested! you mind giving a ballpark for the price? i tried adding u ingame but nothin
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Very nice gear! Definitely interested. But can I use these in RoS?
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bump ~ online now :)
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before you sell, could I get some advice on my build from you

You seem to know your demon hunters, and looking at my profile compared to yours I would love to gain some helpful advice, not exactly to mimic but come close and see what I am doing wrong


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You need to reach the 2.0001 aps breakpoint.

You need 3 more ias on your gear to do this. The only way I can see this can happen is attack speed on your gloves, amulet, or other ring.

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@ DrWho345

Trust Nyan's advice. When it comes to the RF build, I don't know anyone better. :)

And yeah, get the 2.00001 aps breakpt. I'm a little over but I think Nyan will forigve me on this little inefficiency. (>^^)>
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100 Goblin Mage
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have u sold the dh set yet if not how much are u asking for it?
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Sorry chaps, was away on holiday. :) Am online now and taking offers!

Happy holidays!

@ Biggriz pls add me and lets discuss :)

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Bump for the new year!
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Are you still selling this? I'm interested.
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Yup, it's still for sale! Pls add me and let's discuss :) happy new year!
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