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Why is my account banned?

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I just received an email stating my account has been banned, and the only way to play Diablo again is to purchase another license. I haven't even logged into this game in months, let alone hack anything as this email insinuates. I am a 30-something professional, not some kid trying to hack Diablo.

I have been a loyal Blizzard customer for years, since the days of Diablo 1. I expect to either 1) get a full refund for the purchase price; 2) Receive a new license for Diablo 3, or 3) have my account "unbanned." I will complete whatever authentication you require.

To make things worse I never received a warning email in my Inbox. The only email I received was the "Account closed/banned" notice. How is this even legal?
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I would contact blizzard. Call them and have them look into it. Maybe far fetched but if you haven't been playing and you are banned now, your account may have been hacked and had a bot running through it. Blizzard has records of what ip or where your account has been logged in from.
I don't think anyone in here can actually give you a direct answer as this is purely a technical forum based on actual game and pc issues. Your problem would be with accounts and or billing.
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Angst thanks for the advice. My account was definitely hacked. The crazy thing is I go to the Support page on battle.net and there is no way to call them. They wont accept phone calls from people whose accounts have been banned. This is really frustrating, and sad that an honest customer who got hacked gets punished by losing his game license.
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They may have temporarily removed the number because of the calls they were getting for "silly reasons"
Can you open a ticket at least, perhaps explain the situation, time away and also maybe add your IP address and tell them its the only place you log in. If memory serves me right I recall this kind of thing happening in WoW and upon reinstatement people had to get an authenticator. Perhaps you could offer that as a solution with title reinstatement idk. At this point you have nothing to lose and they should be able to check in with it.
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I have been a loyal Blizzard customer for years, since the days of Diablo 1. I expect to either 1) get a full refund for the purchase price; 2) Receive a new license for Diablo 3, or 3) have my account "unbanned." I will complete whatever authentication you require.

1) wont happen. 14 days after purchase is the limit.
2) see #1
3) fill out a ticket.

make sure you fill out the correct ticket since ONLY the account management team can help you with this situation.

  • Submit a Ticket
  • Diablo III
  • "Briefly Describe Your Issue"
    • type BAN
    • My game license is banned or suspended and I want to appeal

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    The advice on how to submit a ticket to appeal a ban is correct. They do not accept appeals over the phone.

    If you feel this was the result of a compromise then you also will want to secure your PC and your account.

    1. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes (free version is fine). Boot into safe mode and run a FULL (not quick version) scan with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions.
    2. When that scan is done, run a FULL virus scan with an updated virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and decent these days. Some folks here also like Avast. Better than Nortons, MacAffee, etc.
    3. From a PC you know to be free of malware, change your email password because hackers often get into that too. Check it for forwarding as well. Sometimes hackers set up forwarding. Change your bnet password again now that the PC is clean.
    4. Create a new email that you use ONLY for battle.net and switch to it. Gmail is great because you can put two factor authentication on it and prevent hackers from logging in without a code.
    5. Get an Authenticator!!!! The mobile device version is FREE and the keychain is only $6.50 in the US with free shipping. (unfortunately the store does not currently have them for sale though ) https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battlenet-authenticator
    6. Consider SMS Protect - this is not an Authenticator, but is a messaging service that lets you know about account changes and prevents some of them, such as an unauthorized email change. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battlenet-sms-protect
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    I would be far more concerned about having someone gain access to my bank account or credit cards then accessing my D3 account. You bought a D3 license to access battlenet servers. To login D3, do you use that email and password only for battlenet login and no other website? It's your responsibility to secure your computer. The number of D3 users hacked is extremely small. Why were you targeted? What do you have on your computer? Lots of popups, casino or !@#$ icons, spam/junk email? Have you scanned your computer in "safe mode" using malwarebytes free version? Is your wireless unsecured/encrypted?

    I have heard of people connecting coaxial cable (tv/internet) to a neighbors house, then burying the coaxial cable back to their house. If you aren't using torrent (filesharing) programs, are your kids? Check their computers. Are home computers networked? Did you allow somebody to access your computer using TeamViewer? Consider using sandboxie or VMware when websurfing or visiting problem websites. Consider first backup all important data, then wipe your hard drive. Clean install. Best wishes.
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    I have the same problem here. And I have checked my computer and it´s clean. I don´t have any programs that could damage my computer.
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    The only way to appeal a ban is to submit a ticket. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/how-to-appeal

    If this was due to a compromise you MIGHT get the account back. It depends on if they still have the records that would prove malicious activity and an odd access pattern. Those are not kept forever.
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