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D2 drop rate VS D3 drop rate

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God I loved the loot in Diablo II.

Low level sets were the bomb!
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Pretty useless thread. Just another anti D3 troll. I played D2 for over a decade and really don't need this guy to tell me about the drops. Gee I guess I'll compare a box of apples to a box of oranges.
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I got 2 legendaries before hitting 50 in D3 on my first character.

I don't see what you're trying to prove... but grats?
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Prove nothing just that I'm bored and have nothing better to do. But I can't find the desire to log into D3 to even start a new character.
Then your "experiment" proves nothing as the second half stated you'd log into D3.
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I would expect these kinds of threads from someone that thinks +99 stat runes were good for Diablo 2.

Who is the troll here, again?
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Well, But D2 your character goes to higher levels so yeah, I would assume that you would start getting some drops earlier since you will be replacing them soon.
I have D2 but have not played it since the stoned age. I doubt it would be compatible with my LED TV anyway.
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12/12/2013 06:47 AMPosted by Deadru
Pretty useless thread. Just another anti D3 troll. I played D2 for over a decade and really don't need this guy to tell me about the drops. Gee I guess I'll compare a box of apples to a box of oranges.

Pretty useless post. Just another anti diablo wow !@!#*%# got.

Played ptr yet or are you still in your warm comfy wow head up behind zone
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I don't think the drop rates of legendary items was ever the issue.

The issue was that they were not legendary, except in their disappointment.

Got one today, first time ive played longer than 1hr in a while (just getting back into arpg games again, that season for me) ...that alone is a good drop rate, come back run a few maps and get one...and I don't stack MF

Was a pair of gloves with no core stats and extra armor. Ilvl 63 with not a single useful stat on them. Vendored it.

Legendary items should be rare, but also, should be decent. That was the issue.

I don't know why people want to get all the good stuff and get it now...other than being entitled and short sighted as to the reason for longterm play...

I just want it to be good, if not for me an alt, when I see that orange lazerbeam...not some junk item.
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the last few days i found the following: echoing fury, ageless might, burning axe of sankiss, the gidbinn, fragment of destiny, messershmidts reaver, manticore, sledge of athskeleng, xephirian Amulet, and schaefers hammer.

every single one of them were worthless useless trash.

the messershmidts rolled 1310 dmg, which is decent, but it has no innate crit roll so it cant compete with the worst skorn.

too much randomness, first it has to be a good legendary, the messer for instance isnt, chalk that up to bad itemization. then it has to actually roll good stats, for weapons theres only 3 that are good, the others all just ruin it, like add the chances of other affixes rolling and if they are chosen, make the leg just not drop instead, or just drop a brim. then the final test, it rolls a value, honestly that single random roll would be sufficient to differentiate low end from high end legendaries.

so a messershmidt for instance should have 1300dmg, change all those useless stats to crit damage, and have it range from 100-200. boom fixed your stupid legendary. its still boring as !@#$, but at least it isnt useless.

further thinking leads me to believe that there are simply too many item slots, so each one has to be limited in power to not make it possible to completely break the game. therefore preventing strong build defining items from existing.

anywho, thats neither here nor there, ya gotta work with what ya have.

as for the drop rate i think its okay, if even a little high comparatively to d2. the problem is that there is only a very small chance of them actually being good.
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I think the reason for the comparison is not to complain about D3 specifically but to illustrate that a game won't get super boring and non-repayable just because the drop rates are reasonably high.

In D2 the drop rate of a decent "endgame" weapon was about 1 in 400 from a boss. This means that for a specific item I wanted I could farm for about 100 hours and have that weapon along with a nearly complete set of items. This is a fundamental, game changing, mechanic difference between the two games. I've only played D3 for about 200 hours, so I have no idea how long it would take to find a decent weapon or set item because I've never found one.

In D2 the characters were powerful enough to fight the most difficult monsters in the game with vendor, gambled, or self found items. Most monsters could be one-hit with decent found items and it was fun. I think a lot of us were expecting D3 to be the same type of game as D2. For that to happen, ALL legendaries would have to roll good stats and one would drop about every hour. A paragon level 100 would also have around 3million sheet damage with only self found items by the time they hit max level and no single damage source would take more than 49% of health.

These are the real changes we are asking for to relive our fun we had from D2 and it just won't happen. The games have completely different philosophies towards gear and loot.
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Dude i would ALWAYS get that deaths guard sash in act 1 on like the majority of my characters. The rest of the drops were pretty random but i got death's guard in act 1 on like 90% of my d2 characters
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Tarn helm was a great lesser helm until the upgrades rolled along.
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