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What EXACTLY have you been giving NSA access?

Its in all media. Its everywhere. Anybody with any decent knowledge of internet and communications KNOW that AT&T has a longstanding partnership with NSA and the ASA (Army Security Agency - the forefunner to the current day NSA) back to the days of the 1940's. Read : Room 641A + many many other things been knowledge for years.

Now in your ToS + EULA you quite clearly state that transactions and communications remain confidential. Yet this has not happened.

To quote an ex -australian pollitico : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlu-HlDzgA
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Screw them.
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peeping toms
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this doesn't matter, i'll give you an example.

here's a plain old avg citizen sitting on his chair looking at erotic stuff or playing diablo.

here's a super computer recording and archiving all the data.

here's an agent searching through the data, and noticing how many hours you spent doing mundane tasks citizens do to spend time.

result = careless response

i'm not praising nsa or any other agency, what i am trying to tell you is if you are not high profile or don't have a secret agenda like being a drug dealer, than all your data is meaningless... the only data they care about is the tax you give them, and if you do pay your taxes... spend your time doing whatever the hell you want online... the agents will simply facepalm and wish they didn't find you since your online actions are probably repulsing or pitiful.
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I worked for the NSA for a few years. Rest assured that the government's most sophisticated data processing techniques lie in the hands of incompetent chimps who will never be able to act coherently on the data they receive. The odds of you being targeted are sort of like the odds of receiving one of those million dollar copyright lawsuits from the RIAA, and that's only if you're doing something suspicious in the first place.

Oh, and we actually had pretty tight controls over how we could employ data on US citizens. Just spying on an American for the heck of it would in the very least get you a formal reprimand. And spying on an American with good reason requires paperwork, so that probably won't happen either. The NSA is little more than another fund siphon to keep the contractors and suppliers rich at the tax payer's expense.

That's not to say it shouldn't be stopped; it sets a dangerous precedent. But no big brother crazy !@#$ is going on right now or in the foreseeable future.
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