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[Guide] Patch 2.0 TR - Lazy Solo XP/Itemfarm

3-13 D-Hard Full Reset - http://i.imgur.com/DrYt2yb.png

03/13/2014 07:36 AMPosted by BDF
Wow, still living the dream.

I actually sold off some of the pieces that were central to my monk running this on PTR, Not regretting it got good gold, but I'm a little nostalgic.

Yep, except the dream is really boring. If this is the end-game we are looking forward to even with adventure mode and act 5, not sure how exciting it will the futility of RNG & BoA. Yesterday I saw three spirit stone legs drop... and all 3 were erlang shenz... /wrists.

03/13/2014 01:49 PMPosted by Dabrixmgp
im not understanding this. I assume 5x60 D Kills means you killed him 5 times with different level 60 characters? I just cleared to him after a reset and he dropped one for my Monk. Then I switched to all my other characters and he didnt drop anything.

Hmm, maybe you haven't completed all the quests with those 60s? I was able to get a free SK leg from all my 60s without resetting after 2.01, and this last reset killing D with the recent patch without resetting ever on those toons. I have only ever reset with my monks.
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Few more runs from last 2 days. ZGiving Core runs a shot with Lazy-TR will try and slog thru a few hours of them.

3-15 TF, just not for me... http://i.imgur.com/H0tc9Vh.png
3-15 Mini Nemesis upgrade: http://i.imgur.com/iv3fFP7.png
3-14 Mini Gyana upgrade: http://i.imgur.com/AmkMR2L.png
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Ok, I did some pretty non-lazy Core chest runs + some tower/kd to spice things up on HARD as well, and ended up getting some pretty good results. Leg dropped pretty quick in the 1st session and after < 2 hr of actual in-game time (RL time of 10-30min play sessions from sat evening to sun morning) was able to get quite a number of legs to drop. Harrington Waistguard leg affix was great to open and then pop a shrine and drag elites into insta-bell-death.

After promoting full-reset clears on hard with plenty of legs but no TF, one finally dropped on my 2nd Core 'run'! http://i.imgur.com/9CjzyBE.png Stopped my run immediately and decided to play on higher difficulty with the shiny new drops I had accumilated without TR. The XP was great, but the drops atrocious (Pity Timer reached!). Will have a new DW+TR build to use instead of Lazy-TR ^_^

3-16 Core Run #1 (~2hrs worth) http://i.imgur.com/H2hYTfu.png
3-16 Core Run #2 (until TF!) http://i.imgur.com/MjKJOVQ.png
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