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12/13/2013 10:52 PMPosted by MCP
Well I tried again, and it was about 2.5 times the density, but still less than MP10...

seeing that torment is more akin to mp10, kinda makes sense
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I was just in a game that some lvl 70 created, asking to ubers. It was an expert game. I was getting my face kicked in when I used anything other than my LS Skorn. In fact, I had to revert to COB to beat the last set of ubers (Rak and Ghom). I was just messing around in the game after everyone left and the elite mobs were vicious. I'm only plvl 174, but i couldnt distribute those points in any way that would make my experience easier.

I feel that the PTR community is going to be in for a hell of a shock when they actually get into RoS. But it might also be welcoming to a lot of us. I remember when inferno actually felt like death was lurking around every corner…seems like this might be that again, at least until you are geared out. I am sure the mystic helps ease the pain, but still, if Reaper's and Luffy's comments, as well as my recent experience, are any indication, the game should be pretty tough. At least for a couple weeks.

Side note/question: Are the same mats required for HF rings? I only found one mat, some vial, i think. Wondering if it they changed it.
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12/15/2013 07:52 PMPosted by MCP

That's good news then.

With only CoL, etc., they can be sacrificed for pride like before then...
I wonder..

◦Pride - Now gains 60 Mana for each Zombie Dog (down from 294)
..guess not really. Will have to see if that changes again.
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Dont forget CoL spawns 5 dogs, at current. So that is 300 mana, and outside of elite fights, it is hard not to have 2 extra dogs out at a time. The casting time of the dogs helps with mana recovery, as well. Lots of things going on to help the battery build
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I wonder how powerful most of the playerbase that will pick up ROS actually is? Are we hangers on who are in the top 10%? That might be why the content is too easy for you. You're too powerful right now.
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Yes many of us are top 10% or so, but Master is just so easy, it's some kind of difficulty similar to MP3~4 with spikes of damage from elites that can match higher MPs.

I wouldn't mind that so much if the Monster Density was back to MP1+ levels in all acts. This way more enemies, more legendaries, more XP, more fun.

But they got that feedback, so I'm hoping Monster Density comes back to MP1+ levels.
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I was playing with my Wiz that I just equipped with random gear I had found…around 90k DPS, 43k HP, 450k toughness…and was still facerolling Master. It is very easy at level 60, but none of us who dont have RoS have any idea how it really scales at lvl70, and how long it will take us to find items that make us powerful, tough, and efficient enough to bump it up to torment, or even run Master (70).

As far as legs go, I'm not too sure how many are aware, but Rakanoth has a 100% leg drop if you havent beaten him on the PTR yet. So, if you have a lot of 60s and the gear, go get your free legs!
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Has anyone gotten any good WD gear once at lvl 60? I've seen a lot of stuff at low level that makes me excited, but I just only get terrible legs at 60.
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The only thing I got was the Cindercoat:
+17% damage from all fire skills
-30% resource cost of fire skills
+200 Vit
No Int (could fix with artisan)
+500 armor or so.

Running PtV, GI, SV, honored guest, swallow your soul, -10FB SoJ, CoB, Skorn, and Searing Locust.
The damage is slightly more than with my zuni chest for CoB.
The mana management is kind of funny since I don't have any mana regen, but I rarely run out of mana, and it's usually from spitting locust too often.

Nothing else note worthy...
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PtR at the moment is a friggin joke :( Pure faceroll!

Just a spoiler alert: Zombie bears will be quite op:

the dmg increase is quite good and combined with the proper items it can compete now! Still it is lower than CoB, but its more versatile.
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12/17/2013 03:58 PMPosted by MCP
The only thing I got was the Cindercoat:
+17% damage from all fire skills
-30% resource cost of fire skills

In addition I found some worthy bracers:
Fire skills deal 15% more damage
192 INT
218 VIT
5.5% Crit chance
a wacky 68 fire resists.

187K DPS with the skorn * 1.32 = 246.8K DPS with searing locust and cloud of bats. 320.9K DPS vs elites.

If I could just reroll INT on my cindercoat, it'd be awesome.
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In my experience master was cake at 60. However, I ended up dropping down to normal by 67 to finish act 5, hit 70 and unlock adventure mode because master was just too slow with the killing.
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Torment available in next PTR patch for non-ROS beta players:

Reach Level 60 -> Torment available.
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