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RoS End Game: Beyond the Grind.

All this talk about current builds becoming obsolete, new legendaries etc... I think a lot of us are missing a key piece of the ARPG experience. More importantly, I think the RoS devs are missing it in their vision for RoS.

So far, from everything I've seen and read... I think RoS devs are MISSING the most important part of the ARPG genre. They confuse grinding and loot hunting as end game when this is not the case. Grinding is a means to the end. There NEEDS to be a PURPOSE to the grind. If all they're going to do is give us shiny new things and new pretty skill animations to look at... then all I see is they're selling us a really expensive virtual paper doll game. We get to dress up our characters, pimp them up and compare, but that's it. Then it's D3V all over again.

With that said, let's talk content. Aside from all the itemization/trade talk, what other content (beyond character building/itemization) would you guys like to see in RoS?

I for one, would like to see a "World Event" similar to the one introduced by D2. Only this time, there should be more variation to the world events instead of just that one. It can be triggered by let's say after x number of gold has been spent gambling through NPCs, x number of Treasure Goblins have been slain, x number of WD slain in HC, it can be anything really. Then once the pool is full, any one of these world events can happen:

Heaven & Hell = The Nephalem must die! Angels fall down from the sky. Demons climb up from the ground. This onslaught will happen for x number of minutes at which in those minutes there will be an increase in drop rate and quality (could be items, gems, crafting materials, anything)

Bow to the Goblin King = nothing but treasure goblins will spawn for x number of minutes. When timer runs out, time to bow down.

Moo = had to do it

Mountain of Hepheastus = a new map can be accessed called the Mountain of Hepheastus. Mountain that arose from the depths of the Burning Hells. Monsters get harder the higher you climb it. At the top... is Hepheastus' Forge and Hammer. I have a few ideas what that entails, and I'm pretty sure you guys can come up with a lot of nice ideas for the reward as well.

I can go on and on. What's neat about this is Blizz can come up with new World Events monthly to add to the list so the older the game goes on, the more random the World Events will be. It will also be awesome if the World Events have a timer, so you won't get the same World Events in a row.

Since you won't see the same world events for awhile, when you get to do a particular World Event the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time... it just gets more interesting and harder. In such a way that players will question if they can do the same World Event the next time it happens. This will be based on who created the game. So if you created the game and a World Event is triggered, difficulty will be based on how many times you have done said event, how well you did (eg how fast), etc. Hope you got a good crew running with you :) But if you did poorly the last time, then ofc the difficulty will be more forgiving, closer to how hard it was the last time you attempted.

Good part is the trigger for the events can be different ones too, with new triggers being added at a LOWER rate than new World Events. So this should scale the game pretty well.

Rewards can also be very open. It can be just that better drop rate while the event is happening or it could be a temporary buff that you and your group get for x number of hours/days. Buff can also be anything from -% damage taken (Vamp Gaze days), immunity to a particular element for x hours (pve only), or just something as simple as a pretty little glow on your character for a week. That last one was my lady's suggestion lol.

Evolution's idea:

12/16/2013 02:23 PMPosted by EvoIution
this would be a cool feat. im not sure if any of u guys ver played halo reach or cod ghosts. but in the games there was a list of accomplishments to do. in ghosts the list is for a whole month with about 40-50 things to do. when u complete of of the objectives it completes it on the list and give u xp and a squad point(used for unlocks like weapons). in halo reach it was pretty much the same thing but it had daily/weekly/months challenges. so there would be like 3-4 things per day u could complete for small xp. then there was a lil harder weekly challenge for more xp, followed by a tougher challenge for the month that granted even more xp upon completing. so basically each day there was a new list of daily challenges, then at the beginning of the week(for halo it was Tuesday) a new weekly challenge would start and the 1st day of the month a new challenge would start etc.) this could be a really cool thing to implement let me give an example.


daily challenges:
1: kill each key warden in all acts any difficulty any game mode- 50,000 xp/ 100k gold
2: kill a total of 650 enemys any difficulty any game mode- 50,000xp/ 100k gold
3: kill diablo in under 5 min expert difficulty or higher any game mode- 50,000xp/100k gold

weekly challenge:
1: play a total of 15 hours any difficulty any game mode- 200k xp/5 blood shards/50k gold

monthly challenge:
1: kill a total of 500 elites/champions/unique enemys any difficulty and game mode- 1mil xp/1 Horadric goodie bag/ 200k gold.

some thing like this could give players atleast a goal to accomplish per day/week and even per month.

Anyway, I think this will add a different kind of randomness to the gameplay of RoS. Since no one knows when and what the event is going to be. A dynamic game content is needed to keep players interested. Add my friend Dave's (Evolution) suggestion and we will have a random dynamic game while also having the option to pick and choose certain challenges/accomplishments for whatever a player feels like doing that day. Imagine a player logging in, picking which daily, weekly challenge he/she feels like doing... player is having fun with his crew doing what they planned on doing and bam! World event triggers while they are attempting said challenge. Logging on to play will become very unpredictable, while STILL offering players a specific amount of control on the play experience. Then they can add all the legs, new skills and classes all they want. Now, we have a next gen Diablo game!

I'm well aware that RoS is close to release, so any version of these suggestions will probably not see the light of day come release day, but hope remains that it can be implemented in later patches and the like.

Again, there needs to be a point to the grind. Whether it be pvp (rofl), more DYNAMIC & rewarding challenges (like me and Evo's suggestions) or even simple things like having an "item collector" functionality. Not to say that the devs aren't trying, I just think they're missing an important piece of what makes an ARPG game an ARPG game.

Share your thoughts, as I plan to keep revising this even long after RoS is released esp if players end up not being satisfied with the state of the expansion upon release. I'll attempt collaborating with other players like Reaper and Evolution to keep innovative ideas coming and from being buried in hopes that one of these ideas makes it in game eventually. If it doesn't... no worries. Crying/complaining is easy to do, a child can do that. Let's look at the state of the game constructively and keep pushing. Hopefully in the end, we'll have a game we'll all be proud to play and be apart of.

World Events by LordAmsa (from Reaper's thread)
Challenge Idea for ROS(Earn Bonus XP/Loot) by Evolution
Legendary Keystones by Aetherstorm
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Just saw you also started a thread about your ideas. Didn't mean to step in anything if I did. Lmk if you would like me to delete what I quoted from your post earlier. I can put a link to your thread instead of quotting.
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Awesome! im 100% for this and i think i could add such a huge element to d3.

paul u should make this thread and post it in the general forum and maybe the ptr forum as well. then come back and add links to this page and maybe we could get it out there to more folks than just us wds!

edit: @lordamsa

all good man this is perfectly fine we can just go from your thread. it has both our ideas and is well written. hopefully a blue or someone notices this lol and passes on our ideas.
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12/17/2013 02:38 PMPosted by EvoIution
paul u should make this thread and post it in the general forum and maybe the ptr forum as well. then come back and add links to this page and maybe we could get it out there to more folks than just us wds!

I don't have any qualms in posting this in gen and ptr forum so long as my WD peers support it. Seeing what happened to Shaun's (heyguyslol) last battle cry for the 0 Dog in the other forums makes me a tad wary about posting this elsewhere.

12/17/2013 02:38 PMPosted by EvoIution
hopefully a blue or someone notices this lol and passes on our ideas.

That would be great. Quite frankly, I think D3 and RoS already have a lot of good things in place. They just need that piece of thread that ties it all together... end game.
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I am fully in support of all of these suggestions. End game needs to be more than getting new items. I understand that blizzard has started to trend towards more casual gameplay, and thats fine, but they need to also give something to us dedicated/hardcore players as well. Also we need a challenge! Just buffing monster hp/damage is nothing more than a gear check. I have quite a few ideas for new and challenging gameplay modes/quests that I can share when i get the time to type them up.
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+1000% guys well done on these ideas, its players like you that inspire all of us and care what this game is and can be for all of us.

Thank you so much for your time on this

Btw, I have nothing to add, it all sounds great :P

Like a good neighbor... "Blizz is there?"...hehe State Farm pun ;)
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So far it seems like all the great idea's for game play concerning Diablo 3 as a whole are coming from players like you and *not* the devs team.

So what does this tell you about the blizzard dev team?
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moved ideas for end game to new thread.

Heyguys I have to agree with you, a lot of great ideas are being generated by the community. I'm not saying the devs aren't listening, but it would be nice if they were more vocal on ideas and I would love if they responded to some of the numerous suggestions on this forum.
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12/17/2013 04:36 PMPosted by heyguyslol
So far it seems like all the great idea's for game play concerning Diablo 3 as a whole are coming from players like you and *not* the devs team.

So what does this tell you about the blizzard dev team?

Thanks man. Appreciate your words as always.

What does it tell me about their team? They probably haven't played enough of the genre as they're missing, like I said, a key thread in the ARPG genre.

Or they can just hire us for r&d.
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added to index.
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