Diablo® III

I was wondering do set, leg`s and +`s drop

Again, thank you to Azza2k for the armour gears it boosted my health to at least 50k{ I was so busy looking at dps specs he had to tell me to check}, which by the way now stands at 168k dps. I`ve been hoarding stuff so I prob have some weapons for Azza2k ie 1.1k-1.2k dps. You know its good when ones smile is hurting your face. He asked me to link `in chat` gears and I am unsure how to do that, I can build a computer {assemble and install} but do you think I could do that ? Anyway tell me if I`m wrong; in game chat, hit enter then control shift on the item with the pointer ? And yes profile name is from `The mote in gods eye` and yeah they better make a really good movie from the books.
I need to go test out my new {sic}dropped gears on some minions who wont know what`s going on now that my DH is not so squishy.


This is most I have written in long time, cheers to all.
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Um my bad, dps is 175k not 168k, this is what floored me on top of that the quiver gives me back my elemental arrow 2nd attack skill, I like rapid fire with homing rockets {thank you to (VocaloidNyan (>^^)> ) but I was missing my elemental build-working as intended. Need to settle down and center myself before I play, as you know too much sugery drinks and one tends to get over excited like a kid, but still blown out by Aus/Nz (peeps).

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I probably should say that I am no longer a selfie, says he with erupting humour.
I did get get some amazing drops(cause a fellow peep dropped it for me).
In a fashion I have bit the bullet and continue to drop in game; game changing gears that I do not use.
So the heading of my post really needs to be changed, question answered.

That being said, I don't know what to make the post heading read as, other to say I like least our beloved area lag, but I am not complaining. We have what we have.
I enjoy the game and that is gaining all the time.
The only reason I have what I have is because someone read what I posted and they put in the hard work: make contact with me and either found it, or bought it or they to received it.
One could say the that as a result of the Aus/ Nz forums there is another rng at work, something not programmed but the ghost in the machine, gosh that sounds corny even to me.

Looking forward to playing and exchanging stuff in the future.

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As an aside,
Christmas is a time to cherish and most importantly to celebrate.

That being said:
I still want to smite mine enemy and bring about his ruin upon the the mountain side,
tho I`m way to small to bring about his ruin by myself, lest wise in the penultimate mp state.

And ANZ players and forums rock.

Enough from me, back to destroying our enemies...
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Well I have been slogging it out on solo on mp 4 inferno now for two weeks and today the game has been lagy and strange, then CHING in a2 in zoltens spirit area the most wonderful drop happened.

A set helm (natalyas) I was absolutely stunned.

I only need one more piece for the extra DH 20 discipline, that will make my toon viable for mp 5.

So keep up destroying those demons and maybe the rng will reward your efforts.
Yeah I am grinning a lot at the moment, I am really looking forward to getting the achiev for nats set with 2 more bits to go.

Cheers mw.
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Keep grinding motie, my Barb (3rd Barb) is using self found or crafted gear. It took ages, but its all self found/crafted gear. Once you get a toon that is able to farm mp8 efficiently you have increased chances of better gear drops and chance to gear your other classes, if you intend to play other classes.
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I have a nat's chest armour you are welcome to. Add me if you still need it.
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Hi Ausares,

yes I would, tho I would feel better if I could give something in exchange as I have been picking up
many legendaries and only if you are not using it any more and thank you.

And hi jtcdgroup, yes I will be starting another toon, a monk as it is a dex duel wield character
and I think I would like that play style.

If anyone from A/NZ forums needs help in mp 4 inferno add me and I will do my best not to die to often, and depending on your toons lvl and gears every now and then, when I can I may drop stuff in game.

Am not ready to do ubers or crypt runs yet as I am still a bit squishy and only just getting comfortable
at mp 4 inferno.

Enough from me, I`m of to do more demon ruination,
cheers mw.
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01/02/2014 01:36 PMPosted by motiewarrior
And hi jtcdgroup, yes I will be starting another toon, a monk as it is a dex duel wield character and I think I would like that play style.

Motie - lemme know when you want to power level a monk up to lvl 60... we should be able to knock if over in a few hours...
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NickBM - yes thanks, maybe tonight as I am just collecting keys and making machines; 8 so far and I have some stuff - you may be interested in.

And I want to experience the power levelling so I know how to power lvl brothers 49 wiz toon, as I have been talking it up to him about it and then he can use some of the gears that he cant use yet - Lol

Having tea first.

Cheers mw. :)
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01/06/2014 02:22 AMPosted by motiewarrior
And I want to experience the power levelling so I know how to power lvl brothers 49 wiz toon, as I have been talking it up to him about it and then he can use some of the gears that he cant use yet - Lol

I saw you on last night Motie - but didn't hit you up to do powerlevelling due to lag issues on my end... when it all settles down - will get into it...
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Hey Motie - If Nick isnt able to help out (due to lag issues) I'm more than happy to help you powerlevel a char, and your brother at the same time. Let me know when I'm on tonight.

Ps - I still have that spare barb set if you're interested in P/L a barb!
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Motie - just a heads up - if you can get your brother a hellfire ring... by using Ryoka http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592581939 or any of us others that lurk about to do a carry - you give him the machines... so he can get the carry - for parts... will also need plan

Also get a helm that you can put a good ruby in... I have a cains set you can use with ruby... but you need to be level 22 before you can use it.

Cains set (30%) + helm ruby (31%) + Hellfire (35%) + MP10 (200% normal - hell) + 10% for each player in game = 300 - 330% bonus xp... more if you can get a leorics ring (20-30%) as well (i don't have one)

you will find that the power levelling will be a case of keep up with the leader!
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Man I been playing and trying to upgrade my amethysts to put in a one below marquise( so I don't have to shell out to take it out later) and I broke my toons bank --you gotta love doing that...Lol.

I have a question, is my toon ok or am I fighting against the wind.
When I open game to pub (usually on mp4) I get a lot of leaves, I mean I am not talking or in game
small talk (except when I do with those that know) and I have not been dying to many times as I was without Sharpshooter rune, so is the game to hard for plvl pre 53 mp4 or is it my play style.

Yah have opened the proverbial can here so ....go at it and tell me. (am not soft skinned).

Also I was thinking of sending a friend request to YDFWM and Ryoka as I am home most of the time all day, but you know its one thing to read a post and another to participate.

Er I am using a 64 gig usb memory stick as the games mpq file reader rather than my HD as I found that I was rubber banding and DC all the time,... don't know if that helps any of the problems I have been reading about and the walk through for the set up is on the forums some where. IT is written by some NZ guys on the forums, I tried to cut and paste the link but the practical sometimes eludes me.

Ok will hop back in game now as writing is not playing...:)

I am really out my depth playing a monk, not the same as DH.\

Another thank you two peeps who gave me a chest piece, it was a toss up which one I used as they both complement my chosen play style.

I am not ignoring folks but grinding up gold to upgrade gems and that may not be exciting as getting the achieve/key/uber/ChDing as earning the gold to upgrade.

I don't know where that word came from but the game announced it to me.

Cheers Motie.

ps should I start a new thread or will this do.
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01/08/2014 01:52 AMPosted by motiewarrior
Also I was thinking of sending a friend request to YDFWM

Motie - ATM YD is playing during OZ daylight hours... Highly recommend this course of action - he is a great bloke and is happy to help you play higher MP's than you may otherwise be capable of.

In regards to your gear... I am certainly no expert... but you have two int gems in your chest... which may be better replaced with dex gems - while int will improve your all resist... dex is your mainstat and will improve both dps and dodge chance, which improves eHP as well.

In terms of upgrading gems... it IS expensive to get to gem below marquise... perhaps focus on getting helm amethyst up, then weapon gem to that level before chipping away at other sockets as the increase in dps due to improving CD by one gem level would be greater than if you did it to another socket slot...

Perhaps seek some advice on your build from Nyan on the DH forum - or ask someone like Bob778 or Defender from the Aus/NZ community as they have DH mains...
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Thanks Nick,

just made my first radiant star Amethyst today and tried really hard to not put some topaz`s in my chest,......I think I cheated and put them in pants and upgraded helfire emerald, then someone had a spare 30 mins and did some monking to power level him a bit and that was an eye opener.

So far I have learnt in game that when someone game chats sell it don't mean they want to sell you gears but that their stash is full and it needs vendoring....I Lol at that, am I glad one can put on ones hellfire ring to power level a lvl 1 toon.

Question: why in game do people plant banners.....I know why in plvling so as to read books for exp,
just curious as to reason in other situations?

I really need to of load some witchdoctor stuff I been hoarding, that's a hint Nick.

Also have some Barb stuff to palm of as well as I have no spare space in my stash anymore and I am concentrating on DH 1st then Mk 2nd.
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People plant banners to let the rest of the team know where to go... usually for E's or pack fights - best xp is when team is within close proximity (20 yards I think?) of each other... so for best xp - keeping the team tight IS important.

Also good for making sure 5NV stacks are done quickly - by pulling team from E to E with minimum fuss

I will get you to lvl 60 with your monk next time we are both on :)
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Add me in game. I have some dex and vit gems you can have.
May also have some spare gear for you too, depending on what classes you play.

checked. dont actually have any dex gems. must have sold them
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So I was on last night with my brother and we were shooting through nightmare on mp 2..Lol and got an invite to plvl our toons. We at once accepted as it is pretty cool to play with more than 2 toons, so as it can happen (I am gonna use my bro`s words), ``heaps of set and leg`s and stuff we can`t use yet.... Lol..... got given.

Thank you.

I need to add that I am not in the gimme gimme disposition and feel the need to always give as good as I get..... yeah I know that most of the stuff that drops in game is way lower than what the giftee gives, but pass it forward has been an enriching life principal that has continued to grow on me as I have happily discovered.

There are many who contribute to mine and many others enjoyment of this game and the compulsion
in me to thank them is a given....:)

Er I tend to get tunnel vision when playing and don`t open my games up--my bad. Also am a lower level toon so I have thought best to be capable rather than a wanna be.

Tho the whole premise of the game is, I wanna be......Lol.
Cheers, motie.
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While we can pass it forward... I think we all should, takes up space in stash and if it helps someone else out... why not?

Motie - get Jay to use his lvl 60 character to do an uber carry so that he can have a hellfire... will make levelling a whole lot easier

Come RoS - these sort of events will not be able to occur... and current gear will become obsolete like old ladys knickers at a Tom Jones concert
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