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WD gear question(s)

Heres my gear and build:

First, I want to swap out string of skulls for thing of the deep but keep my zuni set. therefore im looking into zuni vision. however, the problem is that every zuni vision i come across severely reduces my protection % and overall survivability compared to the helm i have now. is that just the tradeoff? any suggestions?

Second, I currently can run at mp3-4 but of course i would like to run at higher levels. Which pieces of my gear are most lacking?

thanks in advance.
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Take a look at your hp pool, it's miniscule. Zunimassa's Vision is a great piece to get that up. The natural vit, the life%, and the socket (amethyst for more life%) add a lot more ehp than you're getting from the vit/armour/all resist rolls on your voodoo mask. Mitigation is always great but we tend to build our gear sets with an overall view of which slots are the most efficient to acquire certain stats in. Additionally max mana is always a useful stat roll, it's just more useful at higher dps levels where you can plan around burning down monsters before you burn out your mana. This doesn't prevent you from doing the same at appropriate mp levels for your gear though.


You need some stat reallocation, mainly in the yellow slots. Belt -> witching hour. Shoulders -> could probably pick up tankier vile wards at this point. Gloves -> crit chance, crit damage. Bracers -> crit chance. Amulet -> crit chance, crit damage, tal rasha's amulet would be fine too. Ring -> crit chance, crit damage. See if you can pick up a lot more vitality as you go as well. Pants are usually a good place for it as well.

You might not like the feel of dropping some of your high mitigation in the process, but a bigger hp pool + higher damage will help you out there, since doing more damage also = lifestealing more as long as you can survive the burst damage spikes.
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Yeah your HP is way too low to survive.

If you're on a budget, I would suggest trying luck and craft ammy, braces, and gloves of Int. Make sure you get a nice combo of vit/crit chance/crit dmg/all resist. It'll take some time, but it's worth it.

Next I would look into changing the main hand weapon to something with just crit dmg/life stea/socket (and int if possible). I see you are using CoB, so the last thing u want is to have them running all over the place.

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I know. the fear chance is annoying but the rest of the stats were so good and at the price i got it i couldnt turn it down. everything i have i got for less than 1m except for the zuni boots.

Thanks for replies.
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I would try and hunt for a Manajumas carving knife. There are some good bargains out there if you are patient. Make sure it's got crit dmg/socket/life steal.

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The socket on your weapon should not be overlooked, especially considering how hard CoB hits as is. A RS emerald or ruby is going to add 15-40k DPS depending on your other stats, but it absolutely worth it.
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