Diablo® III

0 Mass Confusion on PTR

Found a Last Breath:
1265 DPS
419 Intel
reduce cool down of MC by 39

zero cool down with Tribal Rites and Unstable Realm rune
almost infinite mana with RoE as MC is free to cast

Was having fun running Cold Bears and CoB :D
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Holy wow, last breath is crazy now. O.o
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Yea we played last night. Was like Diablo 2.
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Last Breath ftw. Been hunting for one since I saw it linked on the first day of ptr for those exact reasons.

Have you done any testing as if already confused enemies will become confused again? Or will it only confuse new enemies every cast?
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well everything was dieing too fast with MCPs zero dogs :) but I think it will just refresh the duration I'll try and cofirm this. I didn't think the 20% damage buff was stacking from what I could tell.

I wonder how high the cooldown reduction can go or is it a fixed number?
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I've seen 40 as the highest, but I cant find anything that says exactly. Have you tried dropping it on the ground and looking at it? I know for rares it tells the ranges if you observe them that way.
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You can just hold ctrl and mouse over any item in your inventory.
Edited by MCP#1477 on 12/18/2013 12:15 PM PST
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good to know. thanks!
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Oh cool good to know.
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12/18/2013 12:15 PMPosted by MCP
You can just hold ctrl and mouse over any item in your inventory.

Okay, just checked and the range is 20-40 seconds cool down reduction.

Edit: but does it change at 70?
Edited by Wachati#1647 on 12/18/2013 6:25 PM PST
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