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Why Path of Exile is trash compared to Diablo 3.

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PoE is gaining more and more players every day since it was released, Diablo 3 has been losing more and more players every day since it was released

I dont know where you have been getting this information because poe is becomming a ghost town even Athene himself has said this.


poe is one of the most played games in steam, and a lot of POE players dont like to play on steam so they download the client from the page
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12/23/2013 08:50 AMPosted by Xenocidius
I'm pretty sure every PoE players would like to play D3 if it was better and more complexe.

I'm pretty sure every D3 players woudl like to play PoE if it was more "shiny" and more simple.

We got 2 games destined to 2 differents type of players. Both players type would like to play with the other type but they can't because of what seems to be personnal reasons.

PoE want players to make choices and think about their builds

D3 want players to have "fun" the simplest way possible with no consequence in their players choices.

Now, for myself, I like both games but I wouldn't call Diablo 3 a Diablo game. It's to different in so many ways, the dev teams has chosen another path that is way off the Diablo route. It's a great game, just not a Diablo game.

totally agree
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yes on stream but the point is since its launch it has lots people drasticly, I myself have even took the time to build a character on poe, and while it brought back the memories of d2 it just was not upto par with what d3 has done.
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12/23/2013 08:28 AMPosted by TheSaint
Combat isn't clunky,

One of the major complaints of Poe is the combat. It can't be denied. Poe has 8 skills and that also contributes to the clunkiness. One of the reasons D3 has such smooth combat is the limit of 6 skills.

12/23/2013 08:28 AMPosted by TheSaint
but for actual complexity, that's what D3 should be, but it ran off the rails into appealing to young kids.

D3 should appeal to everyone. If 12 year olds want to play it then so be it. Blizz wants to make more money by appealing to a brooder base of players. There is nothing wrong with that.

Adding false complexity is just bad for business. A lot of people say Blizz is dumbing down Diablo and WoW, but i disagree. It's called streamlining.

12/23/2013 08:28 AMPosted by TheSaint
It's not hard to be self found,

Again, more delusion. Ask anyone on the forums there and they will tell you that you are an gimping yourself if you choose SF.

Poe is a good example of everything that is wrong with trading.
More trading, then playing the game
Frustrating trade process. I heard that they are begging for an AH over there, lol!
Self founders get crapped on.
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TLDR; They are both good games, but scratch different itches, Diablo 3 is farming and being a bad-!@# out the gate. Path of Exiles is competition, taking pride in your custom character, and making countless characters that are each very different, even if they are the same class.

I am confused, HainKurt points out this guys post being obnoxious calling people tools. Yet he plays a Marauder to 58/100, looks up a build someone else figured out for him, is not happy with it, and blames the game for being bad? Sorry but, who is being the tool here...? Did you even take a good look at it and try to plan out a proper 50 point starting frame on the right main stat highways to build an interesting competitive character, do you even know that 30-50 points is considered a frame and not a fully powered build? There is like 60 passive points to go, I have at best had a level 42 Witch/38 Duelist/30 Marauder, and only cleared the 1st act in Cruel. And I walked away with a better understanding of what the game set out to be then you have... And that is not even the point of the game. It is not a 1 character of each class deal, you are playing it wrong sir, and expecting instant gratification as a master of the game just because you are level 58 means you will probably never enjoy a truly in-depth ARPG. It's about learning to do it right and being proud you mastered all that. Out of my 3 highest levels I listed, I have probably had 20 different HC characters I perma-deathed by deleting when they died. If your playing in Standard League on PoE and not even thinking about your build, just quit imo. Games like this and Torchlight 2 are more fitting for you're play-style, and you will have much less frustration in there simplicity.

Yeah I read it all, I see your points, from a bad players perspective you nail it. If the game did not have ladders I would probably think the same way, because I would not see the point in rerolling... To be honest even though I consider Path of Exiles a good, no GREAT game, I can't really get into it either. There is nothing wrong with the skill effects in the cash shop in my opinion. For a game that is free, and is updated so regularly, I am humbled by the fact that they do so much for so little, and the community rallies behind them and really appears to be a strong positive driving force behind the development, weekly creating 3-5 legendary items, while this game is struggling to make 1 in over a month that is community driven. Here my biggest problem is the developers and the community are very much separated. Picking the people that stream on Twitch>those of us that play, post, and want nothing but the best for our beloved series, kinda hurts my feelings a little bit... That's what makes PoE special, it's for the little guy by the little guys, they don't just look at the big picture as a company. Or say fk those guys they don't represent the true market, they are the minority! They are here (there forums), almost daily taking at least an hour to touch base with the players. Yeah they still do what they think is best, but at least you KNOW they are listening because they are in the trenches with you.

The Passive Tree is supposed to be daunting and complicated. The adventure in Path of Exiles is not farming, it's character creation, improving and reiterating your own ideas into an effective ladder racing beast. The entire first half of your post would be moot if you realized this, your not supposed to back-track 20+ nodes, they give you like 14-20 points free by the time you reach end game. But even then if you plan properly, you hardly need them. I can't place exactly why I don't enjoy the game like Diablo 3. It really is a superior game in terms of choices for the player, you can even play in races where you walk outside town and it's PK city! Now that is a cut-throat race, and it touches on a niche Diablo 2 had that was actually very strong, sadly a big source of QQ though because it was a bit mean sometimes.

There is just a quality here, the art style, the combat, the lore, it all appeals to me I guess. I sat down yesterday and talked to Cormak in act 3, he only says his name in Act 1 so I forget... The Templar guy, anyway his story was great, it reminded me why I dig this games story arches, at the end of it all I ran in circles a little bit and really wished him and I could run off right there since we have beaten Diablo... I could see that in a cinematic, he stabs his spear in there epic council chambers and points his finger, calling out the entire order to meet his Justice and atone for there crimes, a great fight with the guards, cuts into your fight with the council. Reveals some crazy plot twist about the order, the angels, the time traveling enchantress, and boom... You're on some time traveling adventure with the Templar and Enchantress story developing trying to save humanity again! That guy is just so epic, I enjoy having him around more then any other henchmen, I swear he has some bad-$%^ new lines, and the new shock wizard builds are just great fun. It went from a class I did not even play because it was either CM/Archon or ur doing it wrong, to my favorite hands down over them all.

If I could have one thing for Christmas, I would want a Beta Key to try the Crusader... Maybe they think my computer is not good enough, seems like after all these years I would have gotten at least one Blizzard Beta unless I was somehow just not eligible... It does lag pretty bad in full games so I am probably not even minimum spec to be approved by the profiler... It's still a coin toss for me, I'm not pissed over the price, tbh the USD is down, it's weird seeing a US company charge 29.99 euros... our keyboards can't even do the symbol, as 40$. That is why we are so upset, but in the grand scheme of things, it is 30$ to them, could even be less I think, even though they are not saying it. I bet euro pre-order is 29.99, either way I'm only skeptical because PTR is not impressive, and the streamers are clearly pointing out major flaws in trading, end game, and the lack of any competitive spirit to the game. If those are all ironed out by March I'll be more then happy to buy and play. I'll still be playing 2.0 even if it don't, this is my time killer 7/10 times.
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For me these games are about the combat first. POE just fails in that dept.
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12/23/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Socs
I heard that they are begging for an AH over there, lol!

You "heard" wrong.

There are some vocal D3 converts who whine for an AH because now that they've become slaves to it here, it's impossible for them to overcome any difficulty at all without one.
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Level 58 is barely scratching the surface in POE endgame. Don't blame the game your lack of insight and expect a full respec. Everyone messes up their first high level character when working on a build. The level you obtained is basically the 'stress test' if your having problems at that level you messed something up earlier on.

Your handle on the economy is trivial as well. Chaos orbs are just a standard, a bridge between low end currency and high end. You get about 1/4-1/2 alteration per rare you sell and 16alts=8jew=2fuse=1chaos the real 'endgame' currency is exalts which is 25-30 chaos per exalt.

The build diversity is actually rather awesome. I'm in the process of making a flicker strike cast on crit storm call witch. Since I'm guessing you don't know how it functions basically I teleport around and leave a nasty thunderbolt surprise as I teleport away. As soon as you break away from what people call crazy you can have a lot of fun.

The game is far from perfect but it is still a we'll build game, same goes for D3. I like them both and play them both but for entirely different reasons.
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12/23/2013 09:04 AMPosted by evok
For me these games are about the combat first. POE just fails in that dept.

have u played POE?
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I realize a lot of D3 fans are defensive, but you do not have to put PoE down to like your preferred game. PoE is actually much different than D3, so it is not an apples to apples comparison.

Sure PoE is a lot more like D2 than D3 is, but whether you think that is good is a preference thing.
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@ Razgries.

Really good post. From what you've written, I understand why you like D3 so much. I have many of the same feelings. You like it and want it to evolve for the correct reasons. Not because it was an easy way to make a quick buck. I dig it, and agree 100%

Also, you have nailed down what PoE is about and understand how it can be so appealing to many. It's about the integrity of the game, but mostly the integrity and dedication of the company behind it.

Good to see a true gamer chime in.

Be well, sir.
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12/23/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Uber
The build diversity is actually rather awesome. I'm in the process of making a flicker strike cast on crit storm call witch. Since I'm guessing you don't know how it functions basically I teleport around and leave a nasty thunderbolt surprise as I teleport away. As soon as you break away from what people call crazy you can have a lot of fun.

That should work pretty handily for the bosses who spawn minions. FS is one of the skills I haven't explored yet. You've inspired me! :D
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PoE is a pretty good game if you want to play something fresh. However its flaws start to show once you reach around merciless difficulty.

It's pretty much a worse rng experience than D3, with a much more limited choice for skills. Ask anyone who have played PoE about how many buttons they are usually mashing. Basically it's just 1 to 2 skills all throughout the entire game.

The skill tree in PoE can be intimidating at first, but once you have familiarize yourself you will realize that it's just ALL passive skills. Furthermore, to be effective at end game you'd have to have allocated the right nodes otherwise your character will fail.

Respeccing in PoE is also a pain, it costs currency, which is obtained from drops or trading. The currency involved called orbs of regret is somewhat not so easy to come by, so experimenting with different "builds" is indeed out of the question.

edit: Forgot to mention the desync in that game is pretty bad. So bad that it actually affects your gameplay experience. I quit PoE once I got tired of progression through trading.
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12/23/2013 09:22 AMPosted by TheSaint
Don't point out animation to me Droth, you are so unbelievably amateur with your opinions,

You didn't even like D2 for god sake, and which is why this game exists in the first place, and the gold standard of all hack and slash ARPG's.

Me not liking D2 has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion, but I'll ignore this red herring for now.

12/23/2013 09:22 AMPosted by TheSaint
This is your retort? A link to a wiki article on animation principles? You're still in college aren't you? Cause you are acting like a know it all.

No, I'm telling you exactly why combat feels clunky and it all has to do with relaying a visual response to the end user.

I simply linked the wikipedia article because it was relevant to my explanation. Any good combat system that doesn't feel clunky is directly tied to how well the animation is done. In order to feel like you actually hit an enemy, the animation must be triggered on both ends.

First, you must convince the player that the animation has actually landed the hit. D3 does this with particle effects that show the animation hit.

Here is an example of a sprite sheet with a slash animation.


You can see that when the character slashes, they are usually followed by a particle effect that shows that the animation has full speed and momentum. That it has a physical weight to it.

This was outlined in the first example Squash and Stretch.


This adds weight and fluidity to objects.

Now take a look at this picture.


You can see when the hit lands you are shown a particle effect to show that the hit was successful.

There is also the visual of movement.


As you can see from this picture, you see that the character is moving by the blurring of the lines.

12/23/2013 09:22 AMPosted by TheSaint
Anyways, I had my fun taunting with with you with what I know and what you don't know, and the only real reason I will be keeping what I know under my hat for the time being is so if you ever find yourself in an Arena one day, and just happen stance there is a ranking system, hopefully one that allows for me to take an ear, I can take yours as a trophy.

That's cool, but in my eyes you're the amateur who knows nothing about how good animations lend to the feeling of solid combat mechanics.

This is why D3 will always feel like the superior combat engine because it actually employs these principles. It is not my fault that you do not understand them.
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Yeah so in the end both games are pretty good. It's sad that blizzard couldn't produce a game that is 10 times better. Just imagine a game that would be 10 times better.
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if you ever find yourself in an Arena one day, and just happen stance there is a ranking system, hopefully one that allows for me to take an ear, I can take yours as a trophy.

Oh really now? Well don't hurt yourself there. Oh wait...

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jesus that was pretty damn long. PoE is a better game in most ways. If they didn't have such a major desync issue then I wouldn't play any other game. But, I can't get into it because of the desyncs and am looking forward to RoS because of it.
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