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is leahs soul still out there someware?

there might be a small chance leahs soul still out there or is she just the real diablo disgused as leah or something else at act ll leah gets captured by imperail guards when we gone to the sewres she suddnley knows wares her mom is hmm strange...
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It's possible that Leah's soul is still somewhere out there and she can be saved in the future. However, I'm going to call upon Brian Kindregan's words of wisdom from Blizzcon, where he said that in order for a death to be meaningful, it has to have some permanence. So if Leah dies in the original and comes back in the first expansion, then there's no real meaning to her death.

On a slightly different note, if you check out the Reaper of Souls cinematic and listen closely to the Black Soulstone, you barely hear some voices coming out of it, one of which says "Who is she?". That "she" is either Leah or Lilith or both, meaning the writers already have a plan for the future.
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bude, you know, there is no "death" in blizzard, like Tassada and Stukov,she could return when the time is right. lol
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It's possible that Leah's soul is still somewhere out there and she can be saved in the future.

I still very much believe the problem of what is to come is the fact that Leah's soul is IN the Black Soulstone. Now, how do you get that soul out without releasing the others?

I have figured out why Maltael is/became the Angel of Death as you would call him, the Reaper of Souls.... I just cant figure out how to get Her soul out ;)
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I'm under the impression that her soul was imprisoned by Diablo when he became the Prime Evil, but after Diablo was killed, the Prime Evil was imprisoned in the black soul stone, and Leah's spirit was free. She's dead though, and may be in the Unformed Land that the witch doctors speak of, somewhere in Sanctuary, or another universe. Her body was completely destroyed, so if she is in an expansion, she'll be in spirit form (or at least should be). Another possibility is that her soul was tainted by Diablo's evil, and after being freed, she went to Pandemonium and corrupted Malthael, transforming him into the angel of death.
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Wherever Aiden's soul is, that is where I should guess Leah's soul is. Probably devoured and sent to hell, or simply suppressed in the current host, now in the black soulstone. Those are your best bets.
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Souls have to be actually "sent" to Hell, they don't just go there on their own. The in-game universe treats Heaven and Hell as physical locations within Creation, so... you'd probably need physical anchor to carry you, a still living body to walk in the front gates, or somebody holding open a portal and channeling your spirit through with some weird brand of magic.

And as far as we can tell, while souls can be corrupted and bound to a location, they don't seem to follow the demon lords through the cycle of rebirth in the Black Abyss.

Also, if memory serves me right, my Witch Doctor said he didn't sense Leah enter the unformed lands.

Saying that, I would guess that Leah is still in the Black Soulstone. I'd also hazard that all the work Blizzard has done in building up how "important" Leah's lineage is, and how special her powers are, she likely isn't what we would consider an average human.

If Nephalem are half-angel and half-demon, and her parents are Aidan and Adria, there is a good chance that Blizzard will consider her to be more demon than the rest of mankind. I'm not really sure if Aidan is considered her father, or Diablo is... but Adria could definitely be a demon in disguise.

That would mean that while mortals have different rules as to what happens to them when they die, Leah might actually be able to survive beyond the destruction of her body, and come back as the complement of Tyrael.

He is an angel, but not. And likewise, she would be a demon... but not. Both have aspects that make them like their respective races, yet both are mortal and not "bound" to the natures of those races.

Toss in the Nephalem who are the true middle ground between the two races, we have an awesome powerhouse of characters who could turn Creation on its ear and completely mess up the status quo of the universe.

Regardless, unless we actually kill her, and we know that what we killed is actually Leah to her core (corrupted or otherwise), then I'm inclined not to believe that the girl is dead.
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Someone has to be the new angel of justice, since Tyrael is wisdom now.
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She is human not angel and her parent are humans. Angels born from the crystal and the crystal deiced who is the new angel of justice. The crystal see Tyrael as justice that why we won't see a new one take his place.

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