Diablo® III

i need advice on my WD

here is my profil


my damage is pretty low from what i see.. i need to know what can i change to improve my damage overall !! i have a budget of 100m !! plz help me
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Lol..you are in the same situation I am in....and no one wants to give advice..I would like to make p 100 but having trouble..need up grade bad but no gold!!!
any suggestions out there?????
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I'll look over both and see if i spot anything in the AH to help you guys out. 100m in HC spends a lot faster than 100m SC
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Pute, your bracers need CC. your gloves and ammy need CC and CD. Those are cheap upgrades, they simply require the time and materials.

Your knife needs a socket and then as large a ruby you are willing to buy.

Look to get CC on both your helm and ring.

If you do all of that, your DPS should raise, at least, 50k. After that it is simply buying high int, higher CC and higher CD items.
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Lucie, without gold, life is tough :/

You have a lot of odd-ball gear, imo. You should start with crafting, since you sound diablo-poor. CC/All Res/Armor/Vit bracers should be a goal--you will be fine if vit or armor dont roll on them. You should then craft gloves with CC/CD. You can try for Attack Speed and/or All Res, and if you get Vit, too, yay! Ideally for CoB, you will be good with CC/CD/AR/Vit. Your shoulders are tough to beat with crafts, but you can roll higher Int/Vit + Life %/AR/Armor on them--very rare. You might be able to roll a better crafted ammy than your Tal's, which would allow you to sell the Tal's and allocate funds elsewhere…or you can stick with Tal's.

The life regen stat on your ring could be rerolled to Avg Dmg, AS, Vit, Int…lots of options to better you. Same goes for the cold on your boots…could be int, vit, AR.

Your weapon has very low DPS for a 2-hander. Look for one with 100%+ to CD, and a high Int Roll. A decent (1200dps) life steal Skorn shouldnt be that expensive; try upgrading there.

Lastly, with your Armor and All Res at current, you do not need 77k HP. Drop some RS Amethysts and pick up some Topaz. You are losing out on 348 Int, which will directly affect your overall damage.
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take a look at my profile for WD gear to get an idea of what types of stats you need.

MP10 viable
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disregard the rings, get zunimassa pox with CC & CD with high INT.

also im using a Unity with high int + I think its CC.
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