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Knives Expert please come in

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I was wonder how many of you have notice this

You can only spam your knives once every 0.5 seconds


I can spam 7x 4sets with 'clicks'

but I can spam 8x 4sets with 'tabs'

A bug?
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There is a similar bug with other skills that have cancelable animations or no cast animation. If you put shuriken cloud on LMB, move then press shift while you're moving you'll cast shuriken cloud extremely fast (or you can just hold shift mash LMB). Likewise, you can do the same for knives expert. If you're moving and hold shift you'll cast it about two times as fast as if you put it on another button. If you just hold shift and just mash LMB you'll cast it pretty much as fast as you can click.

Also, mashing any skill on the keyboard causes extra delay for some reason. You can try it with smokescreen when you have an empowered shrine. If you mash it you won't have 100% uptime SS. If you time your button presses you'll have 100% uptime SS. It might have to do with the skill being visibly pressed on screen for keyboard buttons, whereas the mouse buttons do not get visually pressed.
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I noticed this when playing, so basically you have to have it on a mouse button???
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Just tried out this build, it's incredibly broken. I have FoK on LMB and just spam space (i swapped my force stand still to space bar instead of shift) I'm using a slow cross bow, and now i have unlimited attackspeed. It's pretty funny, but definitely a bug.
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It is not rly a bug because the spell itself has no attackspeed. You can cast it instantly while using other attack skills.
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It's definitely a bug. It has 2 choices but it should only be one.

And I think the one that works with per tick is more legit since it doesn't scale with aps. But explosion blast also has no aps limit which depends on your resource. So it could be either. And I think it's fine either way, I don't tend to spam the knives like what I did in the video. But when I did. 46m+ HP Azomodan died pretty quickly with my 60k dps :)
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