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Help with LoH/LS for my build

Trying to find out which is better for my build, life on hit, or life steal. Here are the 3 main skills I use atm:

1. Acid Cloud - Acid Rain
2. Fire Bomb - Pyrogeist
3. Locust Swarm - Pestilence

My current dps is 190k, with 2.90 life steal and 879 life on hit. Basically it's just the aoe/dot build and not sure which to try to look for more, life on hit or life steal? Also, i'm not entirely sure on how they work with the dot effects, do they (both loh/ls) both gain from each tick or just from the initial hit? Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Hi there,

Before answering, which MP are u playing? U have no dmg dealer! Ghost bomb is a total waste of slot!

And to your question:

AC has a very nice proc coefficient for LoH and low DMG, making it very good for LoH.
Locust is working better with 2H and high Life steal in high density mob areas
If you are so eager for primary, replace ghost bomb with rot and replace VQ with GI

Main dmg dealers, like cloud of bats, plague bats, zombie bears and 0dog are working with life steal! Just try some standard cob build and u will be amazed:
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I mostly play on MP4-6 atm. Not sure what you are talking about doing no damage though, I can completely just run through zones just spamming my 2 aoe's lol. With my 4 pets I can pretty much stay away from the mobs, aoe, and just keep going. Sure it's a pretty low mp but its easy lol
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I play pets too with Life on Hit. It's a cool and fun build. Fetish Sycophants are entertaining too, especially in front of the Skeleton King. Hit me up for some jungle fun :D
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12/19/2013 12:13 PMPosted by ZeuZLoD
Not sure what you are talking about doing no damage though, I can completely just run through zones just spamming my 2 aoe's lo

by all means, do what gives u the most fun ... if its showering mobs for NO dmg on low MPs, then its fine. I wanted to tell u that u have nice gear, with which you can facerol MP8 and even farm MP10 with small adjustments and most important with the CORRECT BUILD!
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