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Although I have not gotten any of the legendaries that effect the DOT skills such as Haunt and Locust swarm, nor played with the new passive, here are some thoughts on the idea of the DOT Doctor.
I have always wanted to play some form of DOT Doctor, but the skills have always felt lack luster, and any changes to the skills to improve them generally turn them into a faster nuke, not the corroding, damage over time, fire and forget skill that someone that wants to use DOTs would expect.

The witch doctor has, good nukes, zombie bears, spirit barrage reworked is great (go try it out if you haven't yet!), bats do their thing. Therefore, a DOT doctor should be one that has these corroding effects. The new DOT set bonus, 6 pieces: [Soul Harvest consumes your damage over time effects on enemies, instantly dealing their remaining damage.] merely gives the WD a new nuke button, which may be amazing and fun, clearly. But it does not overly seem support the idea of playing a DOT Doctor.

A set bonus that allows haunt and locust swarm to crit now this could allow the DOT doctor to be played as the running around DOT everything and watch it all die around you build that a DOT build should/could be.

Possibly to powerful yes. But the point is, if someone wants to use a build that utilizes DOT based skills and find gear to enhance DOT based skills. Keep the skills as a DOT, and in a manner that the build can be geared centered around DOT damage not a nuke button.

What do other Witch Doctor players think about this point? How do you see DOT skills fitting into builds in RoS? How would you like a DOT Doctor to play and feel?
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i also wanted to play DoT WD, but its impossible at present and looks weak in the expansion. The new bonus seems very nice, but i wonder how much time we need to grind to collect this set without AH, and how feasible will be the dmg, because DoTs are not meant to be consumed :(

DoTs will never be viable on higher difficulties, you always need a dmg dealer, like CoB or bears, but now DoTs are so weak, that they even cant compete with BBV and MC ... I will be very happy if i can use AC, grasp and locust in a standard ZB build without feeling weak and slow :) Just the mana cost to cast all three dots is terrible, not to mention their very weak dmg, long cd and limited aoe. Haunt needs AoE rune or it will remain useless for farming ...
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btw, dots already crit, they don't need to add this function.

I think creeping death is the right idea, while if you're focusing on dots only it's an incredibly safe approach because you can spend most of your time running around.

I also think the bigger the zone map, the more effective dots are because you have more time to wear everything down while you keep moving.

The way WD is setup you can't actually achieve a constant skill rotation of different dots so you're eventually forced to use a spender or idle/run while you wait. So consuming dots actually makes sense, load the monsters up, once you've run out of targets to add to, consume the dots and start again.

I think this covers the various approaches to dot play you can utilise.
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Well, they are jumping the damage of locus from 360% to 1120%. And i know Haunt got a similar damage increase, just don't know how much don't really use the skill. So i think dots will be in a better place in RoS.
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dot crits, I have just been informed about this, apparently it depends upon if the initial cast crits, and thus the following ticks will crit.

The consumption style will defiantly be interesting + the new items, creeping death passive will bring new elements to a possible DOT doctor. Hopefully playing out in a viable manner. Good points Surijak.
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A good post about DOT mechanics
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12/19/2013 03:34 PMPosted by squiblington
A good post about DOT mechanics

damage based on dps value?
So high weapon damage is not going to have any extra advantage?
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Fix the problem of the initial crit blizzarD!
or say something about it
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but dots are based on weapon damage not dps value. Thus a 2 hander is considerably better, from a pure damage point of view.
attack speed does effect the amount of ticks, but a 2 hand will give much high damage ticks.
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