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I found this topic interesting but wanted to expand it to all of sanctuary while adding descriptions

Heres my opinion:

Barbarian - Neutral Good
While the Barbarian of Diablo 2 would be chaotic good the Barbarian of Diablo 3 seems to be open to opinions of others and listens to others all while pushing foward to complete his goal of stopping Diablo.

Witch Doctor - Chaotic Good
The Wicth Doctor does what he needs to in order to stop evil, even if it means killing others that get in his way. Similair to the Diablo 2 Necromancer he is good at heart but misunderstood due to how close to the edge of good and evil he will go in order to stop evil.

Monk - Lawful Good
The Monk has a strict order that he/she follows and does not stray or bend thier will for others. Like the Diablo 2 Paladin the Monk uses thier willpower to enchance thier skills and fighting prowess.

Wizard - Chaotic Good
The Wizard is like the cat that plays with the mouse before ti devours it. Like the Sorceress in Diablo 2 the Wizard uses thier arcane magic to destroy anything in thier path, in this case, any demon in thier path to Diablo.

Demon Hunter - Neutral Good
The Demon Hunter uses thier wits to hunt the demons and stop Diablo. With the phsycial skills of the Diablo 2 Amazon but the mindset of the Assassin the Demon Hunter doesnt take sides

Tyreal(Aspect of Wisdom, Former Archangel of Justice) - Chaotic Good
The angel that will break any rule for justice. Even if it meant renoucing his angelic status to put all faith in humanity.

Auriel(Archangel of Hope) - True Neutral
With the brightest light of all angels, she is there for all who need her.

Mathleal(Aspect of Death, former Archangel of Wisdom) - True Neutral
Truly existing to keep balance, he has transcended from Wisdom to Death, the great equilizer. Even Tyreal's Eldruin could not penetrate him for he had no unjust intentions in stealing the Black Soulstone, and when he saw that Tyreal had not been tainted by evil, he spared him unlike the souls of the Horadrim.

Ithereal(Archangel of Fate) - True Neutral
Only acting as an observer of things he chooses not to interfere in what he sees unchanging.

Imperius (Archangel of Valor) - Chaotic Neutral
Furious and Venegeful it is hard to tell if he has any good intensions at all, but only to uphold the High Heavens from any threat.

Lords of Hell:\
Diablo(Lord of Terror) - Chaotic Evil
Being the strongest of all evil and terror itself Diablo is relentless in carrying out his master plan/

Mephisto(Lord of Hate) - Lawful Evil
The Eldest Evil and possible the leader of Hell, he hates all things, demons, angels and humans alike. Being this he manipulates those and gets pleasure from instigating wars among all Creation.

Baal(Lord of Destruction) - Neutral Evil
He only enjoys the destruction of things and once he was set on corrupting the Worldstone, he let nobody stop him.

Belial(Lord of Lies) - Lawful Evil
Like a lesser form of Mephisto, Belial manipulates others in his web of lies, and was responsible for the uprising of the lesser Evils in the Sin Wars.

Azmodan(Lord of Sin) - Chaotic Evil
Like a lesser form of Diablo he in fierce and relentless in his goals in revealing that all Creation is Sin and that he is the ruler of All.

Duriel(Lord of Pain) - Neutral Evil
Even though he had a part in the Dark Exile he eventually sided witht he Brothers in Guarding the tomb of Tal Rasha where Tyreal was imprisoned after Diablo freed Baal.

Andariel(Lord of Anguish) - Nuetral Evil
Like her twin duriel, Andariel took part in the Dark Exile but then sided with the Prime Evils in guarding the way to Diablo on his conquest.

I would like to know what you all think about my assessment aswell as yuour own opinions
Feel free to add characters from Santuary!

The Heores(Classes/Nephalem) are GOOD
The Angels are mainly NEUTRAL
The Lords of Hell are EVIL