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Advice on gear / rate

Hi all. I was wondering if you can give some advice about my gear and where i should focus improving first.

I tried to read some topics but i kinda got lost with all the math and stuff involved.

Thanks in advance,
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Most manditory and inexpensive upgrades would be socketed wf (for the gem/dps upgrade), andariels helm (for the ias/dps), cheap WH belt (for the ias/cd/dps upgrade.
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I will start from there. Thanks

Btw, i have about 5m gold in the vault.

Right now i can farm with almost no problems in Act 1 on MP2. Should i keep saving gold before going further or just crash the market for more upgrades?
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You arent going to be saving or crashing much with that low starting point brah.
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hehe. Yeah i guess so. Kinda takes me about 3-4 runs to save 1m. With the prices i saw at the AH im in for a very long run.
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Also, don't know if your magic find is on purpose, but it's a waste of time. Just gear for dps/ehp and paragon level for mf. Nobody uses mf gear other than bots
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@FitnessBlue. The magic find wasn´t on purpose. It was just the best ítems I got at that time. I tried to improve my gear since then and went for two Inna pieces instead of WH as i wanted the extra dex.

I have checked the builds of other dhs here and the damage they have is nuts, even while keeping quite good vit. I had to use two dex based ítems for vit as I was dying too often in MP6 (not sure if should farm there but I manage somehow).

I used about 5m for my current ítems so I didn´t expect to have even 200k dmg but I feel I´m still way too low in dmg output. Any (cheap) improvement I should make?
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