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For Solo (not group) leveling of a demon hunter would you recommend weapon/quiver or dual hand crossbows? Please state both your opinion and reasoning.
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it depends on your dps and skill of choice.

If you are not paragon leveling I would go with as much +XP per kill. If you are doing paragon leveling you want the highest dps as possible and play where things dies fairly fast.

I recommend getting 2hand xbow as it is easier to use.
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Well Given that my DH is currently level 20 she is using Entangling Shot and Rapid Fire. I am probably a LONG way from worrying about Paragon Levels. :D
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I agree in part with KirusAlfufras. Try to get some + exp gear. If you're new to the class I advice that you level yourself so you can learn about the class mechanics and get a feel for what works and what doesn't. Try to set yourself the goal of dying as little as possible (if you're doing softcore).

In pre-level 60 you can really use whatever you want and be effective. However, once you hit 60 and start grinding for paragon levels, use a bow/xbow/handxbow and a quiver. The benefits of the stat increase and IAS boost from a quiver far outweigh any benefit you get from dual wielding 2 handxbows.
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For levelling using the highest DPS socketed weapon with the best ruby you can put into it, with a quiver, will give you the most DPS.

+exp gear makes the level grind faster as well.

Bear in mind, you should be levelling fast enough, where you can buy reasonably priced weapons to use because you should be able to replace them rather quickly as you will level noticeably faster as you smash your enemies down.

Also, only pick up health potions and rare items. You will just keep moving along gaining XP at a noticeably improved rate.
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