I'm adding Vortex into My list of Annoy Affixes...

The only affixes I have problems on live are
- Waller (walls)
- Shielding (damage immune)

And comes RoS (ptr/beta) we got a few problems with some of the elite affixes. Jailer feels more of a problem than waller with my experience in the ptr. The two does the same thing: limits our movement but jailer also deals arcane damage when it activates.

Vortex is sitting at my borderline of *please delete this affix*
These are the new changes I'm seeing
1. It does physical damage
2. It prevents activating skills (except ones that doesn't have aps and can be in mid-air)
3. It's unavoidable to human reactions!?

Here is a short video I uploaded in the past just to show we can avoid Vortex (patch.1.08)

We can still avoid Vortex in RoS (ptr/beta) if you are able to do the following
  • Avoid its DAMAGE
  • That's right, you didn't read it wrong.
    You can avoid that unavoidable damage if you do it right.

    (Got videos but they are long~ Will upload if anyone wants to see)

    Unlike the live (patch.1.08) version we don't have 0.5 sec to avoid this affix. We have like 0.05 sec to do it. Fun? Feels kind of impossible when I started the test in ptr. The timing is different, and you can't do it too fast or too slow. The time frame is between the casting flash and the animation - that is the biggest difference. Can't wait until the animation start forming, we have to act at the same time as that animation to avoid.

    Which Skills? The same: Smoke Screen and Vault.

    If you activate Smoke Screen too slow, you are pulled in and you also take that Vortex damage then you will be surround by dot and mobs. But if you activate smoke before the Vortex damage (not getting hit) you will stay where you are and take 0 damage. I recommend using Lingering Fog.

    If you want to Vault, hey good luck. I did it 6 times in 20 min against a group of blues. You might be able to do it better than me. My eyes and reaction time isn't the best in the world. My record is 30-40% in combat and over 80% when testing in live. I would say my chance of avoiding vortex while testing is 3/40 ~= 8% with Vault. Try do it in combat while you are attacking and/or stepping will be a complete different story. Before I forget to mention, if you avoid the pull you avoid the damage.

    Hope you find this helpful.

    btw we can avoid Jailer the same way we can avoid Vortex
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