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If I remember right, there were only two portraits for D2 and D2L. See for yourself.


I bet we get one portrait to not confuse things since SC1, WOW, and D3 players can come here. Either way, I don't mind. I know who's who when here.
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12/30/2013 11:26 AMPosted by darkvoid
ptr, look at how many items don't have an image. They just have a place holder for now. Think they worrying about a avatar?

Right, but I think our point is that this should have been included since the game was released...
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I don't think anyone is saying this is top shelf priority.

However, I also believe the web development team is separate from the game development team. Correct me if I'm wrong?
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12/30/2013 06:16 PMPosted by Zyron
not to mention the website team is different than the development team. so it would take absolutely no time from the production of the game to add some sort of avatar system.

They will hit the ground running after the holidays..

Gosh I hope so!
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When forum customization comes from other games :)
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We know D3's still in beta, but forum avatars too eh?
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I think after the interesting launch and subsequent fan uproar for various reason, this was put so far on the back burner it disappeared. I think that if any time is a good time to get some avatars now would be it, given the new class!
Edited by einhinder1#1843 on 12/30/2013 6:53 PM PST
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who knows, with the 2nd beta coming out, maybe we'll get a "beta-avatar#2"
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12/29/2013 07:45 PMPosted by PureLaine

This isn't even funny anymore, it's just pathetic. I mean, it's bad enough that they can't stir themselves to create some class portrait forum avatars or something, but after selling 14+ million copies of the game, was renaming the damn file too costly and time-consuming for Blizzard?
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should be endgame-avatar.jpg
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12/29/2013 09:41 PMPosted by OneL
n what Universe Does This equate to Truth???

The same universe that people keep giving their money to Blizzard for this garbage.
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C'mon guys. We demand forum avatars!
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I've been saying all along that they should use the banner icon and accent as the forum avatar. How hard is it to pull that info from the database?

2 years have past and nothing has been done. How sad...
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LOL this is hilarious. It really sums of the feel of this game and it's problems since launch.

...beta, LOL
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12/30/2013 07:14 AMPosted by PaMan
lol.. thanks for this info OP.. didn't know this has been in beta 2 years after release :P

well we knew :p. it just wasnt official
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Guys, quit being haters... we all know Blizzard is going to give us new avatars in Patch 5.0 and 3 expansions down the road (ETA year 2024).

Sheesh, you guys always feel so entitled to everything. Just wait another ten years and give Blizzard more money and THEN we'll think about moving out of beta phase!

Soon. Very soon.
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I am guessing they would need the Art Asset department to create avatar's, howeve I say pay some OT we need avatar's to cement our identities.
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