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Need Tips Regarding My DH Gear / Build Please

Heya guys, I recently decided to return to D3 after reading about Reaper of Souls, and needless to say I'm a bit behind on things. I'm trying to gear up for high MP (8+) play and would love any tips on my gear / build. To be honest, I'm not really looking into min/maxing to the point where I don't feel like the build is my own, so I would like to avoid that if possible (cookie-cutter I guess?).

Gear: What kind of stats am I desperately missing at the time? Are there any pieces I should definitely swap out? I have to admit I'm addicted to having high attack speed gear, but I guess there is a point where I must sacrifice some right?

I swapped out my Windforce for a Calamity recently for more attack speed / DPS, but I can't help but feel slightly gimped since I lost the WF's built-in leech and high chance of knockback. Should I switch back?

Build: For my build I just focused on being able to maintain Shadow Power as much as possible, using Thunderball Bolas to generate enough hatred to shoot off a few Multishots to regenerate my discipline (I usually fire off 3-4 bolas, 1 multishot, rinse and repeat). I would love to be able to spam Multishot but I don't gain enough hatred to channel it long.

How truly useful is a Guardian Sentry? I tend to just lay one down while tanking a champion (if I can) and that's pretty much it. I'm sure there's a drastic change in playstyle I need to consider if I am to play at MP 8+.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to discussing this with you all.

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Craft shoulders and bracers. Relatively cheap and easy ( easy for random numbers ).

Get the Natalya bonus by swapping your cloak and boots for Nat gear. +7 crit chance and +130 dex will buff your DPS.

The additional crit chance will improve Night Stalker performance. Switching your Shadow Power trait to Gloom may help your survival. Test it.

You need a big hitter in your skills, Rapid Fire or Traps. You should have plenty of hatred so Bat Boy can be swapped out.

Otherwise you are in a cycle of incremental improvement. Just go around the horn as you get more gold, upgrading each piece in it's turn.

And enjoy. Happy hunting!

EDIT: just read about spamming Multishot. I played Multishot for a long time, loved it. But it is just too weak for your kill shot. Rapid Fire or Traps work a lot better in that role.
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My recommendations:

Stick with the Windforce, if you like it and the lifesteal makes play easier for you there's nothing wrong with using it.

Get some crit chance on your Natalya's Sight. You'll be better off with 5%+ crit chance and losing a bit of dex because it will help with your nightstalker procs.

Your desperately need some vitality and more all resist. I'd recommend dropping some dex on your Natalya's Embrace and getting some vitality. I'd also recommend some vitality on your Inna's Temperance. You can also get some vitality on your Natalya's Bloody Footprints. Replace your bracers with some bracers with vitality and/or all resist and crit chance, rares or Strongarm Bracers. Some all resist on your Witching Hour would be nice.

Your jewelry and gloves are decent, but you are also lacking crit damage badly and are losing out on an immense amount of dps because you have decent crit chance. After you take care of your vitality and get some more resists start getting some crit damage on your necklace, rings, and then gloves.

For your build, that's your call. At your stage I wouldn't try to run a build like that. I'd run Rapid Fire for your spender, Fire Support is great for dps but at your stage you may want to try Web Shot. You'll find it keeps mobs at a distance very nicely. With the 80% slow and the WF knockback you won't get hit as often which is important with your low life and resists. Thunderball is great because your attack speed is high enough to keep things stunned.

Punishment is fine but I would think with your status you'd need maximum uptime on gloom and would need all your disc for your gloom and vaults. If you find you are using disc too much for punishment then you might be better off with bat to get more hatred regen and using your disc for gloom. You can also drop sentry to pickup bat and keep prep for getting your disc back. I only switched to punishment after I no longer needed gloom because of my life regen build.
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You could also take advantage of Nyan's gearing service, go give him a hug.
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