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Vanilla-->RoS Gears/Set

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(Disclaimer: All this is from what I've learned through streamers and forum.)

RoS set: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KingBenjamin-1485/hero/26005147

3 main reasons why these gears:

-AR is limited in RoS gears
-AS is nerfed to 6% from 9%
-MF will play a role again (big or small idk but it will matter again)

Now, I don't expect these gears to be a set ALWAYS. These gears I picked so that they have USEFUL value on there own with RoS potential.

-Each gear slot I tried to max AR because this stat is the only one that is close to RoS AR max which is 90 vs 80vanilla. In theory -10 AR from RoS isn't bad especially if it makes up for it with the rest of stats quality/potential.

-With each legendary I made sure I got no more and no less than the # of random affixes to that item. Most vanilla legends have 2-3 random affixes so First I look for max AR then I looked for either Vit or Life%. On top, I made sure I have a primary stat i can reroll for either CharMain Stat or something Nyan has mentioned as very useful, resource/cooldown stats, which I agree are SOLID utility stats.

a. Reason I made sure to get the exact number of random affixes is because I still don't have a complete understanding of what EFFECTS the "reroll". I do know that in its simplest form (no double stat, split stats) there is less uncertainty of being able to reroll as intended, primary to primary. You can say i'm being conservative in this area.

-Getting highest ilv possible per slot was a must when i picked these gears. Rerolls seem to have an effect on the quality of reroll that is dependent on the ilv, given higher values to higher ilv gears. (I don't plan to reroll any of these gears till I hit lev70 since Char level seems to have an affect as well).

Gear list explanation:

ilv63Mempo: get as close to 9/6 as you can to make it RoS worthy. From what I hear you will be giving up a lot of eHP using a mempo in RoS so you want to make it worth using. Now, max on AR and Life% as possible. I looked for the cheapest of this quality, so I got an Int since i'll be reroll that stat to dex.

ilv63Glove: 8-9%AS, 39-50%CD, 9-10%CC, 77-80AR, one random main stat to reroll it.

ilv62Ammy: 8-9%AS, 89-100%CD, 9-10%CC, IMO this slot doesn't NEED eHP if you can get close to perfect DPS rolls listed. IF you can get some WORTHY amount/quality of eHP then it becomes acceptable to sacrifice some DPS for it. Best is AR, Vit, Life%.

ilv62Rings: 8-9%AS, 39-50%CD, 4-6%CC, 77-80AR, one random main stat to reroll it. I went with no AS on one of the rings (walling host) which is completely against my gear RoS picking, but, I did it because all the stats on it are soild. The ring was relatively cheap compared to AS rings of this class. The down side to this ring (walling host) is that since it doesn't have 8-9%AS it only has RoS value when combined with the Litany for the MF bonus. The Litany alone does have RoS value because it has 9%AS and I can reroll the Life Reg stat to CD or Resource/Cooldown.

a. Ideally Rares are the most secure gamble for Rings if you just stick to 8-9%AS, 39-50%CD, 4-6%CC, 77-80AR, one random main stat to reroll. I do have these rare rings already...again I just want to have options to supplement with RoS sets.

ilv63Belt-WH: 77-80AR, 8-9%AS, 39-50%CD, 6-7yrd PU, (ehp stat if possible). PU is a great utility stat for a DH. In RoS PU has been nerfed to 1-2yrd per slot (can't confirm this yet but I can confirm PU is nerfed.). RoS has great options for belts so it's a lot of sacrifice to use a WH. So you make the WH RoS worthy giving it something RoS belts don't have, DPS/6-7PU with a balance of AR.

ilv63Weapon: I picked Calamity. Seems that 1h's are really good in RoS. IDK, i think this will always be a personal preference. But for Calamity I tried to max on all variables except Weapon Range as that's the slot to be rerolled.

Other Gears

***Now, the above gears I mentioned have the highest possible value/use for RoS. Shoulders, Chest, Bracers, Pants, and Boots; RoS will for the most part beat by a long stretch Vanilla gears for these slots (except L4N gears of course).

-I went with the Blackthorne's set because I followed the Ammy which i got first. It made sense to get MF and reduce/increase elite dmg Bonus stats for interesting RoS build/play. I really don't know how well this is going to turn out but it seems like a fun build to try out. You can check out the gears but you will noticed I stuck with the same strategy to get close to max AR and not get any double/split stat legends, get exactly how many random affixes it comes with, and get either Vit or Life% for one of the random stats.

-Shoulders I just got something that makes the most sense but honestly I don't think you can get anything that could be strategically useful in upper Torment RoS levels.

-Quivers: I haven't heard much on these besides what Nyan has provided us with so i went with Max AS, CC, and +Disp. I have gotten other variations to test out but I really don't know what is the best besides getting max AS/CC atm.

-Lacuni's do have an interesting use because of the MS. 8-9%AS is good but it’s a must to get 6CC to make it RoS worthy. Again, close to max AR and one primary stat to reroll. Overall Lacunis are not being use in Beta but I think it would be a good idea to have incase the AS or MS is needed. I have heard though that these don't roll well :( we'll see.


Vanilla jewelry, glove, and mempo have the highest RoS potential/advantage. It won't be OP but it will compete against those RoS slots depending on the build. Vanilla WH and Calamity have a good chance of being useful but it will be harder to give up RoS gears. The rest of vanilla slots have little to no chance of ever being used in RoS.

Final Thoughts

Last I want to mention that I went with max AR and not Vit as a rule of thumb because Vit can roll between 400-600 in RoS so getting 100-300 vit on vanilla gears is not RoS effective. 80 vs 90 AR is close enough. For example, having a complete ring 9/50/6 is good for RoS but rings in RoS will be competing because they have Unique affixes…..what will make the difference is having 77-80 AR on that vanilla ring. Now that ring is complete and even though it won’t have any COOL unique affix you can count on it been solid for build diversity. Even an 8/40/5/77AR would be solid; above example is just an extreme example.

Only the glove, ammy, and mempo were significantly expensive. All other gears I’ve gotten relatively cheap. I had the gold to do this. I realize this is all a gamble. I like to gamble.

Post your general questions/suggestions, and please correct me on any of this if i missed something.
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The only way to re-roll a legacy legendary into a dex roll, is to re-roll dex (with some given rules). For example, on your lacuni prowlers...you can't re-roll life regen into dex. You can re-roll them into vitality though.

Taskers will also be viable for rerolls too (armor -> 300+ vit)

Also keep in mind that some of the legendary items that you will find, will be really damn good to give up for the legacy gear. But there still will be really awesome legacy gear to re-roll!
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I thought re-roll legendary require legendary mats?

Anyways, our legacy gears are better than RoS for a simple reason.

    Loot 2.0 is an overhaul not an expansion.

Look back at
and more

    RoS, they made the item better at 70 not at 60.

This the biggest problem I'm seeing. The new team shifted the core to 70 by comparing those to the current 63, so the items at 70 may be slightly better than 63. And they move 60 down to 50 equivalent.

60 should be compare to 60 and loot 2.0 items should ALL out shine every legacy gear like how patch.1.04 replace the previous version. Only very few item would survive this change. Unlike the previous loot overhaul most 70 will be replace by a 63 with a re-roll. Doesn't seems right, does it?

And I'm afraid we will never get an official answer even when they are replacing most of the vanilla players from this game.
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01/03/2014 11:05 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
The only way to re-roll a legacy legendary into a dex roll, is to re-roll dex (with some given rules). For example, on your lacuni prowlers...you can't re-roll life regen into dex. You can re-roll them into vitality though.

thanks nyan!

The one i'm really worried about is the Int mempo that I want to reroll to Dex. I know you said you can reroll them this way but all the uncertainty keeps me on the ropes. This is why i wanted to post this so I can get more confirmation on the mechanics of rerolls in general.
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On some reroll gear I also look for high %life and/or socket.

Just got me a calamity like yours for 150K and a leg nat cloak with Dis + 4% cc Strafe for 2.8 mio :-)
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nice sum up, but do not forget, nothing is set in stone and maybe changed.
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Yea KB you need to have a dex mempo to reroll into dex...

Since they patched the shrine glitch, I'm be farming legs a bit slower now....
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Is average damage on our jewelry even worth it in ROS, and can we re-roll it?
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01/03/2014 01:15 PMPosted by sneakytails
Is average damage on our jewelry even worth it in ROS, and can we re-roll it?

Avrg Dmg won't do much to an already high dps weapons in RoS. AR, Life%, AS, CC, CD, are stats that are considerably still viable in RoS and are stats you theoretically would be leaving out for Avg Dmg.
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Got it. I will try to re-roll for specific skill damage then.
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01/03/2014 12:40 PMPosted by VocaloidNyan
Yea KB you need to have a dex mempo to reroll into dex...

Really? I saw Nubtro reroll Det0x int ammy to a Str one. I also saw Uberjager reroll his Str mempo into Dex. I asked UJ if regen could reroll into Dex and he said it's doable.


Nubtro also has dex rerolled on innas to str.

What are the rules behind rerolling a primary into another?
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^^ Exactly this.

I think there is a lot of confusion at the moment because the Mystic is buggy. I'm reading posts where people are saying that sometimes the offer the Mystic gives you is not displaying properly for the first reroll but then displaying correctly for the second reroll.

So much confusion!

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my ring and gloves

- - -

I got Nyan to get the ring into :

%5 cost reduction
6% CC
8% AS
42% CD
220 dex (gem socketed into)
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01/03/2014 02:32 PMPosted by xxxkan
What are the rules behind rerolling a primary into another?

I think that it's this:

Cannot reroll the same Primary stat on top of a currently existing Primary stat ie Dex on Dex or dual Dex/Vit/Str/Int on Dex).

Waiting for Nyan to confirm:


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My p100's are ros mules at the moment. I have been focusing on getting as many sockets as possible.

I have found a near perfect 8/48 witching hour with 80 all res, 12% life, 260 armor and high base armor:
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I've been doing some thinking and made some changes to my gearset as well in preparation for RoS, as I want to enter the expansion as prepared as possible. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Myon-1319/hero/11371696

Likewise I obviously don't expect the majority of it to outpace proper 70 legendaries, but it'll make the transition as smooth and quick as possible.

Some thoughts, perhaps it might help someone out, and if there are any flaws in my reasoning, feel free to point them out.

I used to go for mempos and lacunis with extra dex rolls instead of crit as I've always been gearing around sharpshooter - I swapped them for more conventional 9/6 ones since, with us having so much more dex at 70 while crit will always be crit, 6% crit will be way more valuable than 100 dex.The same can be said for things like set bonuses like the 130dex on Innas, while the 7% crit on Nats will age much better.

I'm expecting that %based affixes like %dmg to elites and adds %element damage will scale pretty well with the damage increases you get moving to 70, so I think my SoJ might be the one legacy item I might end up never replacing, that 30% is pretty hard to beat.

Rings/ammys seem like they will age pretty well, although you'll probably want to disregard minmax dmg (since something like +50 will be comparatively peanuts when weapons have 1000'ish damage ranges, same problem with inflation as dex), and sockets will gain value as they always have in such cases since you can put the new stronger gems in. I would look for 9ias/10crit/100cd/socket gear then shoot for rerolling a RoS dex roll, or something along those lines.

Well rolled Witching Hours and Inna's Temperance seem to have some longevity as well although you'll take a hefty ehp opportunity cost for continuing to wear them, I don't mind too much as I've never placed much importance on ehp.
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first thing i would completly disregard on my vanilla items is movement speed. you'll get max movement speed at the moment with paragon points. you need 50 para points to get to the max (actually it's less because 1 para point is 0,6 movement speed, but i guess it will be fixed). so we've 50 para points set, which could be 300 dex, or 300 vita or 25 (?) hatred. but we get 2 open affixes on our items to get other (better) stats. even 1 mainstat roll would be more than 300.

my opinion at the moment is that iceclimbers could be Best in Slot in ros with good base stats. we'll get there main stat, vit, all res, %life, sockel (!) + 2 add stats. maybe magic find, pick up or armor. keep in mind, 1 socket is ~220 stats. so we could get something like 520 main, 250 vit, 12% life, 80 all res, some frost damage reduce and 2 further stats. additional, there aren't boots in ros atm which have a great leg effect.
nearly the same goes for trifecta taskers. but there are some gloves which have interessting leg effects.

amus i would completly disregard, because of the op immunity amus, which can also be trifecta.

a quick breakdown, what i could imagine what could be good for ros or loot 2.0(if nothing gets changed or if there is no ladder):

mempo with 4+ cc


mara for the skill affix
good trifectas +1 mainstat + good add


witching hour 9/40+ & some good adds


ice climbers ! with good other rolls, no run speed

trifectas + all res + another main stat
trifecta taskers

trifecta + 1 mainstat + good add

good leg nat set
very good rolled one
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The gambling tables are open ;-)

I found this thread from the barb forum helpful to see the potential of some ros gear (even if most stuff is for barbs):


Overview of jewlery that Mannercookie posted (n1 ring of grandeur):


I think a good BT-Amu or a similar rare with good offence + (2) survival stats + primary reroll stat (bleedchance on BT for Dex or CC) are also viable options.

Is it possible to reroll any primary stat into (max) crit chance which is what makes most stuff expensive?

Armour on Mempo to 6% CC?
Str on Amu or Gloves to 10% CC or DEX?
Int on WH to DEX?

Nyan pls confirm (>^^)>

I hope/expect that Dex/Vit per paragon point wil be increased.

Also nice to add uesful stuff like %Life, Socket, LOH, MF, Pickup, some All Res...
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