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Leveling (in nightmare) and item drops

Harlo bashin Frens (my barb talkin)

I'm somewhat new to D3, I was living in a cave :P

Is it worth it for me, as a lvl 40 barbarian, to up my Magic Find as high as possible? I'm going through Nightmare, in Act 2 now, but I had to breakdown and buy a couple rare weapons from the AH. If I up my MF, as high as I can get it at lvl 40 (while losing precious offensive stats), is it likely I'll actually get "proper" loot for my level?

I was getting pretty frustrated in Nightmare, and I really don't want to have to rely on the AH "that" much... But I really don't want to nerf myself.

Does anyone have a happy medium for me? :P
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My recommendation is that you ignore MF at your current stage in the game. You sound like me, you didn't want to rely on the AH but were forced to due to inadequate item drops. I was fortunate enough to be in a public game once with someone who had been playing awhile, he gave me a few legendary items for free that really helped me out. I had given away several legendary items for free before that, so I felt like it was even at that point. But eventually I still needed to upgrade a few areas and I had to rely on the AH for that, and I hated it.

To put things in perspective for you, I'm in over 200 hours on the game, I'm on paragon level 24 and I have found exactly two set items, and 15-20 legendary items. The past 50 hours or so I've been running around with 250% MF (MP3 bonus + NV stacks) and I have found next to nothing. Considering you're not a level 60 yet and NV isn't available to you, I don't think it's realistic to think you're going to achieve the level of MF necessary to significantly impact your item drops. Your best bet is to focus more on attributes you need to help you stay alive and/or kill faster. This is just my opinion, but it comes with at least a little bit of experience.
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That's exactly what I needed to hear :) Thank you much!
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No problem. I'm hoping loot 2.0 makes items interesting again. I can't for the life of me figure out how a company as large as this failed so miserably when designing items, especially for end game characters. I found a legendary belt made for my barbarian class yesterday and it didn't even have strength as an attribute, it truly was worse than most bad rares I find. Part of me thinks they spent more time thinking of ways to make items useless than they did on making them useful.
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