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Hey Guys! I bought D3 at launch and played the hell out of it and to be honest burnt myself out and took a little break for Starcraft 2 and a little bit of WoW. Next thing you know I got bought a house and had a baby and Kaaabaaaam!! Haven't picked it up regularly since haha.

I love this game and played alot of D2 when I was a kid and just not getting back into it and excited for RoS. Now I havent kept track of all the patch changes and I know my toon is way out of date but was wondering if you can all take a look at her and tell me what is decent, what is crap, and what I should work towards I would really appreciate it. Here she is:


Thanks Guys!

Edit:1 For most people to know I will probably only be able to play a max of 15 hours a week or so in the evening so I can put in the time like I used to!
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Hello Tyene, and welcome back. :)

Regarding your gear, pretty much everything is in need of replacing. I suggest the following:

- Up your Effective Health Pool by crafting Bracers similar to mine http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/RedCell-1728/hero/21180672
- Craft Archon Shoulders and Gloves as well (shoulders are another great slot to get life and all res)
- For your helm, it sounds like Mempos with 9% IAS and CC are going to be pretty good in ROS since you can re-roll that 180 dex for upwards of 300 so I hear. Also, IAS won't roll as high in ROS.
- Amulet - you need to get one with high CD and CC; average damage or IAS is a plus.
- Rings - get ones that have 3 of the four damage affixes (IAS, CC, CD, and Average Damage).
- Chest - get a Nat's cloak with at least some Vit. I like cloaks with: 175+ Dex, 75+ Vit, and 9+ Max Disc.
- Pants - okay for now, but later you could get some with res all or vit on them.
- Boots - okay for now, but later you could get some with higher Dex.
- Belt - that WH is pretty low, get another with higher Dex, 9% IAS, 45 CD, and whatever flavor stat you can afford.
- Windforce - get one with a Socket and 49 - 50% Weapon Damage and throw a Marquis ruby in it or a Radiant Star Emerald.

Goals for your DH:

50K Life
3500 Armor
400 Res All

I would start by crafting Shoulders and bracers to get my EHP up.
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