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How about adding one skill slot ? 7 skill slots !

Everyone here is wasting their breath (or in this case, wasting time typing :D)
We're not getting a 7th active slot because conoles.
This is why we're getting a new passive slot instead (doesn't require an extra controller button).
Now I'm not going to say this is the ONLY reason we aren't getting a 7th slot, but this IS a reason, and the blue posts are avoiding saying this on purpose.
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01/03/2014 04:59 PMPosted by Lylirra

  • How is having only six skill lots negatively impacting your gameplay experience right now? If you can cite specific examples, even better!
  • On the flip side, how would having an extra skill slot improve your game experience?
  • If you had a 7th skill slot, what additional spells or abilities would you add to your bar (on top of the builds you use currently)?

Note that players will get a 4th passive slot at level 70.

(note eu server)
1) It influences my gameplay experience negative, because I like to use several spells.
Example: My monk uses Cyclone to pull mobs, there is no other real active spell.
Example2: My Witchdoctor uses Firebats and has to use Locust Swarm to pull mobs, but I want to be able to have a default attack aswell... No Space!

2) With a seventh spell: I could make my build what I want it to be, this is my current build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WfgSdk!!cZYcba
I need one defensive spell for obvious reasons, I chose serenity. The reminder is required to pull mobs, deal damage to them with Sweeping Wind, buff the party with a Mantra, and also getting into position with Dashing Strike.

3) Exploding Palm would fit really well into my build but I can't get it. Aswell as Blinding Flash to CC the pulled mobs.
For my WD I'd actually get another support spell, so even though I'd like to hvae a default attack, I'd probably end up choosing the more effective build instead of the more fun build.

Perhaps having a default attack (one spell from the first row) on left click shouldn't be editable?

"4)" On the other hand, I got kind of used to a limited system, and the good thing about is, when I play in multiplayer with similiar classes they still use different spells - that is cool. And imo should be kept.
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I am of the opinion that if blizzard runs across an element in the game that is difficult to incorporate or balance - they just simply remove it instead of doing the extra hard work of keeping something and balancing the game for it.

What is easier. Stick with 2 socket items with only 5 things to put in them or up to 6 socket items and 39 things to put in them with combinations! What is easier to add in and balance? Blizz always goes for the ladder.

What is easier to have charms in the game or to not have charms? It seems blizz wants you to play a specific way, THIER WAY, and they do not like tons and tons of options like they pretend to. They just want you to think that they care while cutting their design budgets just to pump out games faster and make more money with less and less quality. They are going the way of the company they merged with and it is becoming more apparent every patch / expansion they do. Blizzard died a long time ago. Welcome to Crap.0
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Auras that stay on plain and simple

01/03/2014 04:59 PMPosted by Lylirra
Going to echo a similar response I gave to a thread that asked this same question a few months ago. Apologies for the overlap, but the answer hasn't changed since then. :)

So! No current plans to increase the 6-skill limit. We still feel that 6 is a good number, enough to give you flexibility in your build choices, but not too much to where you don't have to make thoughtful decisions about what you put on your bar. (We actually had 7 skills available for a pretty substantial period of time before Diablo III shipped; however, after lots of testing and feedback rounds, we reduced the number to 6. So, this is definitely something we've not only considered, but also evaluated heavily in the actual game environment.)

We know that some players may disagree with that approach (example: the OP). Totally cool, but let me turn the question back on you and then add a few more, because learning why you prefer one gameplay feature over another is super meaningful. Also, sometimes it can be pretty fun, too.

  • How is having only six skill lots negatively impacting your gameplay experience right now? If you can cite specific examples, even better!
  • On the flip side, how would having an extra skill slot improve your game experience?
  • If you had a 7th skill slot, what additional spells or abilities would you add to your bar (on top of the builds you use currently)?

Note that players will get a 4th passive slot at level 70.

Auras that stay on plain and simple

Hate to bring up a dead horse but this is where POE hands down beats Diablo in the buffs world. I get so sick of 2 min buffs, You guys did this in wow as well and people hated it till you upped them, IT IS NOT FUN TO HAVE TO KEEP BUFFING YOURSELF! Why this wasn't learned from other games I don't understand
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I'd be ok with 6 skills if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of builds have mandatory buffs such as shouts, armors etc. There's no skill or fun involved in refreshing a buff every few minutes. How about re-working the way buffs work a little bit, or adding some buttons for buffs only?
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100 Undead Death Knight
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I think that 6 active skills is a good number for D3. The problem is that some of the most effective and "mandatory" skills function more like passives in practice. Wizard Armor spells, Barbarian Shouts and Witch Doctor Pets generally involve very little decision or interactivity to their use, yet they occupy the same slot as a more "fun" skill.

I'd prefer if these sorts of abilities had more active functionality to them, similar to Monk Mantras or Crusader Laws, or even combined with long cooldown abilities like Archon.
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As a pet witch doctor, I have many mandatory skills. Dogs, Gargant, spirit walk.

That only leaves 1 spot on the bar and 2 mouse attacks. Usually this means that I only have 1 non-"mandatory" spell in any build. 2 non-mandatory spells would be nice.
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01/03/2014 04:59 PMPosted by Lylirra
If you had a 7th skill slot, what additional spells or abilities would you add to your bar (on top of the builds you use currently)?

I, personally, would be more interested in using this 7th spot for buff abilities, such as Battle Rage, or Mantras, and the like. Things the you hit once every few minutes, but otherwise aren't active or engaging. I like it when pushing my buttons does something meaningful, or than providing stats.

I believe a 7th spot, as a sort of buff button, not quite an active ability, no quite a passive, would be a nice addition. Requires some thought, but not enough to warrant replacing an ability, unlike it does now.
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01/03/2014 05:19 PMPosted by Sycoticpyro
mathematically more skills and less slots means more combinations of skills in slots, while more slots means less combinations (if position isnt important, which in this case it isnt).

Please show us the math. To me, your math is wrong, because what matters is not just which skills are available for use but also which ones are actually used.

You are wrong if you think there was only 2 active skills in D2. You may have only seen two, but I macro'ed about 10 and had 4-6 more on switch. For my personal setup it was asdzxcv mouse wheel up/mousewheel down, and that is just for my melee smiter. Heck you can consider the r key a skill as well, because it relates to defense / ar.

I second this... Diablo 2 have more possible active skills.. people shouldn't think that it only had 2 and Diablo 3 added more.. pah.. nope.. not even close to the truth..

... sometimes I wonder if half the people who played Diablo 2/LoD even remember the game or did anything other than get auto-geared/leveled and duel... : / .. .I swear bots and certain other cheats/exploits ruin every game like this.. they can add some to them.. but ultimately corrupt games.. ruining them in a lot of ways.. I doubt half the people who played Diablo 2 even knew what they were doing..
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I have had build ideas that required either the ability to (a) put any skill on left-click.. for comfort.. (b) required more than 6 slots and/or (c) required the allowance of two difference runes of the same skill or type of skill or type of skills at the same time.. the heavily restricted interface and skill system combined with how simplified it is and how simplified character design/creation/development is.. it just hinders creativity and fun... : / in my opinion..
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Instead of adding another skill slot (seems redundant to me) I'd prefer an option to switch between predetermined builds. In 99% of the time in D3 you're fighting dozens of monsters, so an AOE heavy build is practically a "must have", but there's always the part when you clear away the horde and a lone "rare" is left standing, and you realize you aren't very well geared for 1v1 battle. It should probably have a reasonable CD to prevent abuse, maybe 1-2 minutes?
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Six is a good number for me, I have a seven button mouse so that's six skills and a health pot so I can play one handed.
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Instead of a 7th skill, I'd like to see a 7th button be a build swap (effectively doubling skills) or an item slot for weapons/armor. So instead of proc or ability boosting items there are items that actually give new abilities.

Right now I think select isn't being used and one directional button on the dpad for console. So there is room for an additional button. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Please show us the math. To me, your math is wrong, because what matters is not just which skills are available for use but also which ones are actually used.
If you have twenty skills, then ten slots maximizes the number of possible builds. Twenty slots has no diversity -- there's only one build (all twenty skills). Same thing with zero slots -- one build that has no skills. If you have one or nineteen slots, then there are twenty builds -- determined by the single skill that is either included or left out. If you have two or eighteen slots, then there are 190 builds (20 * 19 / 2). In general, there are twenty choose number of slots builds. Twenty choose ten is larger than twenty choose anything else.

Blizzard argues that some builds are not useful so that they don't need more than six slots. I'm not actually convinced of that, but that's their claim. The nominal maximum would come from ten slots.
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Please, leave six skills but allow any skill for the first slot (and not only those which are "move compliant"). This reduces builds. I was forced to put mirror image on it which is ridiculous... Let us put the first skill on the keyboard (and the second too).
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No more buttons cause were just paying console beta testers. Fine.

Why not, move 'auras' to there own always on area that doesn't make buttons boring passives we have to press every X mins? (Including WD/Monk pets)

Look at the usal Archon spec. Energy Armor, Magic Weapon, Familiar. Archon. All of them, we press when they not active, rest of the time, no. (Only being frustrating when we have to 'drop' out of archon to re-press them because they have expired).
Then out of our left & right click. We need 1 attack, (About the only button we get a 'choice of fun') Then as were much weaker when Archon form is on CD, we really need some sort of defense. Teleport is the ONLY defense option that saves us when cornered.

Others have pointed out, WD, 2 Pets, 1 sprit walk, 1 SoulHarvest, all fairly standard. I cheap mana & 1 expensive mana DPS spell. All fairly standard, and it's extra painful as there some super fun looking abilitys.

What barbie wouldn't want a jump added to there RoFLChopper?

Monk, actually get's the 'fun' of double buff on Aura when you press it. So being forced to press it every X mins, doesn't feel like a total kick in the...

Soz to the Hunts, that's more time spent here than it takes to copy and paste the 1 build for each class, my attention span is ov... oh look a squirrel.
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Just for the record :

20 choose 10 = 184756 (google calculator)
20 choose 7 = 77520
20 choose 6 = 38760

There you got your number of builds. Not considering runes because "runes are a lie". No offense to the hard work on them, but they can't rly be considered as skills. Someone using aura of retribution is some using aura of retribution, w/e the rune.

But well, this is a bad number imo because it doesn't take into account the game play. Also, the number of skills varies depending on the class.

Monk 21, DH 24, for instance.

I will detail a monk calculation of the number of builds with 6 and 7 slots.
6 slots
I will consider vital : 1 heal / supporting ability, 1 aura, 1 spirit generator, 1 aoe damage dealing.
Rest is up to the player.
That makes :
- 1 supporting ability amongst 5 (there are 4 supporting skills but some skills can be supportive... so well, I will round up to 5) = 5 choose 1 = 5
- 1 aura = 4
- 1 spirit generator = 4
- 1 aoe damage dealing = 7 (depending on what you consider a viable aoe damage option...)

At this point, there is one chance over 560 that two players have 4 same skills. Which may look nice... But you can also see that among the four auras, two are better in late game. So you have 1/2 chance to get someone with the same aura as you. There's 1/4 chance to see someone with your spirit generator.

There is 90% chance to see someone that has a combo with : spirit generation, aoe damage, aura and support !! Why ? Because it is how you must play your character if you wanna survive. I personally don't feel like there is a lot of variety when everyone I see uses the same idea of build. It's not only the skills that matter, but also the design of the build, its general structure. And that's the problem. That's why it doesn't feel so diverse.

The problem may not exist for DH and Wizzard, I do not know. I'll let players of those classes do the same calculation adapted to their class if they wish.

Anyway !

- Then we're left to choose two skills. BUT not another aura. Which leaves 21 - (4 + 3) = 14 skills.
14 choose 2 = 91.

Let's say 100% of monks have a build basis composed of support, aoe, aura and spirit generation. This basis, I will count as one compulsory skill. Result ? You're left with 91 builds for monks. And when I think of it, this really would be the number of builds you feel while playing. Far from the hypothetical mathematical number that doesn't take into account the players feelings.

7 slots

Adding a 7th slot, you can choose 3 skills among 14 instead = 364... Better already.
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7 is a good number. Currently playing marvel heroes, wow and abit of ff14 and i gotta say having a ton of skills available to choose and bash is simply awesome. Definelty cant to back to limited skill choice more the better, if so tweak enemies tougher to compensate the extra skill added or something.
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While in some ways I would love a 7th skill slot and would use it I admit I do like that it's very hard currently to decide what skills to use. There are several others I'd love to have at the ready but am forced to make a choice. Sometimes I switch a skill here and there just for fun. I like this.

Anytime you can make players think and force them to make tough choices you are doing something right. Diablo needs more of this not less.
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Anytime you can make players think and force them to make tough choices you are doing something right. Diablo needs more of this not less.

I tend to agree with that to a point, but, with that said, a extra passive at 70 is a nice reward, but plenty of us here are doing the same thing, sacrificing a defensive skill like barb's warcry/impunity for a offensive skill. Just because most of us have stacked enough loh and ll to compensate for the loss of defense. Same could be said on every popular build, if you have enough loh and ll you can by pass a defensive skill and rune, for offense.

I would like a 7th skill, due too one fact, cool down's if we have those, then 7th skill should be the trade-off and available!
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