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How about adding one skill slot ? 7 skill slots !

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Diablo straddles the gap between action games and strategy games. In that respect, it will always frustrate people who prefer one style over the other. Increasing combat depth (by increasing skill slots) reduces build depth (the more skills a character has in common with others, the less distinctive they are).

Diablo III is already more action game that RPG. Leave the RPG players something.
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01/20/2014 08:08 AMPosted by DashLektrik
Diablo straddles the gap between action games and strategy games. In that respect, it will always frustrate people who prefer one style over the other. Increasing combat depth (by increasing skill slots) reduces build depth (the more skills a character has in common with others, the less distinctive they are).

Diablo III is already more action game that RPG. Leave the RPG players something.

Meanwhile, two of my favorite characters in Diablo 2 have 11 and 12 active skills, respectively, and use them all regularily.

Out of 500 characters, over 95% of them will use the same two best skills.

Adding one more skill slot will not make them stop using the best skills -- it will make them use fringe skills.

Everyone is the same, now.
Adding one more slot allows (more) people to use skills they WANT TO (in skill slot 7) in addition to the skills they HAVE TO use.

Real variation within the character build (barbarian, for instance) doesn't START before skillslot 4.
Everyone uses the same 4 skills, and only the two last are somewhat different.

I mean;
Out of 500 players:
99.6% use Battle Rage
98.2% use Wrath of the Berserker
72.6% use Hammer of the Ancients
69.60% use sprint
65.60% use whirlwind
49.40% use overpower

Adding one more skill slot would not change that -- but it would make more players use the skills not on that list that half or most barbarians currently use.
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hooray! you guys want some player feedback? you got it!

let me start by saying I have been a big fan of the diablo franchise over the years; d1 (well ok, I played d1, didn't particularly resonate with my but it wasn't bad), d2/lod (LOVED THESE GAMES, spent years playing em), d3(having a blast; looking forward to ROS; sure there are things I wish were different, but all in all; a great buy, and the only videogame I'm really playing as an adult where I'm going on forums and stuff and have been playing for a longer period of time than just one playthrough over the course of a week or so and never touching it again like I do with most other games)

I would like more skillslots because;
It would let me slot and experiment with more skills that I normally don't use. I feel pretty restricted to pick the very "best" combination due to the limited capacity and there are honestly skills which I see someone else using on the same class and I think "Wow! that looks cool/fun" but I don't want to sacrifice any effectiveness of my build by slotting them in because everything I have on hand is critical to my build.

Some specific examples on my various characters;

my "main" MP10 capable wizard;
I roll a CM wizard, I originally did a melee wizard; I would LOVE to be able to have some things like blizzard or AT or electrocute (some simple dumb-fire/forget ranged attack as opposed to WW) to use against pesky ranged mobs without having to get up close and personal to every single monster. Yeah I know CM is going away soon but it would have been nice

or even on my old spectral blades/blizzard teleport.nova.familiar.storm armor melee wizard build, I would have loved to have had some space for some cool "utility" skills like slow time or archon which I wouldn't really use often as a main part of the build but were something I could have the option to use if I chose to without sacrificing any vital skills or losing NV in swapping

Or on my Barbarian (my 1st D3 character, low MP capable); running frenzy/WW quake

There are so many cool war-cries, aspect of the berserker and special attacks and stuff; but I feel like I would love to use alot more of them but am restricted by only using the very best ones that fit my gearset. I would enjoy having berserker aspect available to use from time to time without sacrificing quake since zerker is more for vs single hardened targets and quake is an anti group attack

lastly on my DH; who isn't very good, but I'm working on her

This is a particularly interesting case because I think the small number of available skillslots is actively interfering with my ability to learn to play DH well and has resulted in my DH as is; which several people on the DH and Wizard forum were nice enough to point out "sucked" (I'm not mad or anything; I went there asking for help perfectly aware that I wasn't doing well as a DH) because I just ended up developing bad habits by sticking with a few skills I gravitated to in normal/nightmare and having to make really hard decisions to keep using them rather than experiment with other stuff that I thought was interesting but not really viable wih the lower level runes. This may be more of a problem with me being somehow incapable of comprehending how to play DH or something, but regardless; I think more variety in skills is a positive thing which would make players at all skill levels happy and be possible with more skill slots.

cheers and keep up the terrific work. I don't expect you to implement more skillslots just because of this thread or anything; and the reality of the fact that it probably isn't going to happen doesn't diminish my opinion of ya'll as a company in the slightest; I am looking forward to RoS and will be picking it up, and I hope you guys keep on making more expansions for this game beyond that.
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Not sure if trolling or not but this is the most retarded thing i have ever heard.
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i want 7th skill slot.
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There are pros and cons to 7th slot.

Pros 1 extra skill

Cons expect nerfs.

Now ask yourself do you want nerfs ?
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Another skill slot would make us op. Of course this is what I believe is the intent here.

In D2 we maxed our 2 main skills and their synergies. We had many 1 point skills forced on us just to reach those.

In D2 we have no choices but all the skills are fleshed out with runes and draw from our passives. If we chose to use them later. They are not a one point skill.

Some build used a few one point skills the mage teleport, the barb would switch to shout a buff. However I never saw the need to use eleven skills. It wasn't I couldn't just never saw the need.
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I like 6! And I think I want to say 7 would be too much, as a left-handed user.

As a left-handed user, I have mapped my skills to the arrow keys and, of course, the two mouse buttons. If a 7th skill was thrown in there, there would not be a logical key to map it to. The next best key for me is the Numpad 0, but I already use that for potions. I'm sure I could find a suitable button, but that's my 2 cents.

P.S. It's always nice to think about the left-handed users. Thanks!
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After booting up from this latest patch, I do notice what looks to be a slot for another active skill and another passive skill. I read the part about the lvl 70 passive skill, but what's the other slot for?

Nevermind. I did not look closely enough. My 6th skill (Monk mantra) had actually just been removed for whatever reason. There was no 7th skill slot actually available. I would delete this post, but I can't.
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