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What is better to enchant on legacy nat ring?

2 legacy nat rings, which one is better for mystics enchanting?

(1st ring) 7ias, 80dex, (3crit)


(2nd ring) 7ias, 80dex, (open socket)

The first one can be enchanted to 7ias, 3crit, 80dex enchant to 500dex
or instead of enchanting the 80dex, enchant the life regen to 50 crit damage

>so first ring with the crit would be either:
(500dex, 7ias, 3crit) or (80dex, 7ias, 3crit, 50crit damage)

Second ring can be enchanted to 7ias, 80dex, open socket put highest emerald gem so 280dex, enchant life regen to 6 crit chance or 50 crit damage

>second ring with open socket it would be:
(280dex+80dex= 360dex, 6crit, 7ias) or (360dex, 50crit damage, 7ias)
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Never mind. After thinking about it, the crit nat will win. Surprisingly though the open socket nat does compare fairly well.

I would rank best dps legacy nat ring for enchanting to be

1. Crit nat (must enhance life regen to crit damage)
2. Crit damage nat (must enhance life regen to crit)
3. Open socket nat (must use highest dex gem and enhance life regen to crit or crit damage)
4. High min/max damage nat
5. Double dex nat
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^^ Methinks this is also dependent on how much Resource/Cool Down Reduction you need for your build.

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Is the crit chance capped at 3% for the mystic? I thought level 60 rings rolled to 6% CC?
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In terms of just night stalker and regaining discipline, the legacy crit nat will fall to the bottom of the list. Since it can only have 3crit and you wouldnt want to waste enchanting on the crit to get 6 crit. All the other stat rings can and would probably enchant to 6 crit.

As for reduce cost and cool down reduction. I would guess the crit nat would be hands down the best option, since it would have the added 3 crit to proc discipline and get an attribute (reduce cost or cool down reduction). Other stats rings would just get the reduce cost/cool down reduction.

What would be the best legacy nat ring stats to enhance if you guys had to chose?
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if your original nat ring has 3 crit, you would not want to waste it to get it to 6crit. You would want another nat ring with other stats such as 25 crit damage, so that you can enchant the life regen to 6 crit and have the 25 cd.
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In terms of defense/ehp and flexibility, open socket would be on top since you can put in diamond for resist all, amethyst for hp, or emerald for dps. You would also have 6crit from enchanting life regen.

I think for top dps ring it would be the 3 crit nat ring. You would keep the 3 crit and enchant life regen to 50cd. I heard in beta xpac that cd is harder to come by.
(80dex, 3crit, 50cd, 7ias)

For balance dps (for discipline procs), 25crit damage nat ring would be on top. You would have 25cd and enchant life regen to 6 crit. More crit to proc.
(80dex, 6crit, 25cd, 7ias)

For top dps with reduce cost or cool down, it would be 25crit damage nat ring. Again cd is harder to come by in xpac. You would have 25cd and enchant life regen to reduce cost or cool down.
(80dex, 25cd, 7ias, +reduce cost or +cool down)

For balance dps (for discipline procs) with reduce cost or cool down, it would be the 3 crit nat ring. After enchanting it would be 3crit and life regen would be reduce cost or cool down.
(80dex, 3crit, 7ias, +reduce cost or +cool down)
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According to Nyan, there might be different caps on the re-roll based on the vanilla Item level (60 vs. 61?)

For instance, mempo can roll 500+ dex where as Nat's gaze can only do 400 dex?

Does this mean that CC for the nat's ring is limited to 3%?
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Im not sure what the cap is on enchanting for crit and cd for lvl 60 vs 61. But it shouldnt matter in terms of what items are best dps/stats for legacy nat enchantment. If we want the legacy nat bonus we have to go by what is given to us and whatever caps are from enchanting.

The list above shouldnt change. Lets say you have a 3crit nat ring and a 25cd nat ring (and enchantment is caps at 3crit and 25cd). For dps purpose, if you have 3crit you would want to enchant life regen to 25cd. If you have 25cd nat, you would just enchant life regen to 3crit.

You can argue that its tempting to roll 300-400 dex from random stat instead of either getting a 3crit or a 25cd (again this is if the mystic cap is 3crit and 25cd instead of 6crit/50cd), but Im pretty sure dps wise and/or for discipline procs that getting either 3crit or 25cd would out way the benefits of 300-400dex. Please correct me if Im wrong here.

My best guess would be that you should be able to enchant to 6crit and 50cd because we have current lvl 60 rare rings with 6crit and 50cd. I think some beta players brought rare rings to enchant and the cap was 6 crit, 50cd, 6 ias. Again without testing it myself I cant verify
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