Diablo® III

looking for people to join Ubers

Hi I have a bunch of machines ready to go and am looking for people to join me in ubers.

I would pref like experienced people.

I have done quite a few but I am no expert.

Can solo mp10 Ghom\rak
need people for mp10 seige kulle and seige
need people for mp10 magda and skele

add me if you want in. if you have machines to offer that would be nice also.

I am a cmwiz I need some high dps players and a tank to join me. (although i can tank each of the ubers while their on their own. Ghom and Seige I can tank both on me.)
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I don't mind doing some uber runs if you are still keen on doing them tomorrow night. Unfortunately I can't play tonight. I have a char from each class, all mp10 capable.
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If Blind cant help you feel free to hit Ryoka up as he is always doing ubers

Both are top players so you wont be let down by them
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What is a uber
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Jord an uber is where you get the keys that drop from the keywardens in each act, 3keys (destruction,hate,terror) are used at the blacksmith to create a infernal machine which allows you to open a portal in town (act 1) to a area where you fight a pair of uber bosses with the chance to drop an organ. three diff organs allow you to make a hellfire ring at the jewler
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Let me know if you want to do a run Grandpa or Jordan :)
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I ll be on about 8 with my barb that has 70k dps and 20 life paragon 18 I think
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hey Jordan, please post in the give-a-way thread.

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Thanks for the runs last night - Grandpa, Blind and Yacht - was fun

Always worth posting our resident uber carrier in posts such as this:


Enjoy MP10 ubers while we have gauranted drops rates :)
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whats a carrier mean?
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A carrier is a person (or group usually 3), who bring the DPS and kill the elites, and ubers for the carry. Usually a CM wiz is part of the group who can freeze the ubers for nearly the whole time. The carry uses their machines and gets a guranteed ring (always done on mp10) and the guys doing the carry get a free ring.
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Add me if you like, will most like do some ubers during the weekend
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Sent you a friend request last night which I see you accepted.

I am on Perth time zone so usually 10-30pm east coast time when I get on line.

Currently have a few IM's ready and you asked for a tank which is a role my sword & board barbarian fills very nicely and I have plenty of MP10 uber runs under my IK belt, just check out my Barb's hellfire ring!
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