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Maintenance Tuesday 14/01/14 *Complete*

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*Maintenance has now completed, get back to demon slaying!

Greetings all,

Its been a while but it's that time again!

On Tuesday(14/01/14) we will be having server maintenance. Which is expected to last 6 hours total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc that is needed.

Server down will start at 5:00am PDT which is:

Australia & New Zealand times/dates:

Tuesday 14/01/14

9:00pm - 3:00am Perth
10:30pm - 4:30am Darwin
11:00pm - 5:00am Brisbane
11:30pm - 5:30am Adelaide
12:00am - 6:00am Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra
2:00am - 8:00am New Zealand (Wednesday 15/01/14)

Additional time zones can be found here: http://everytimezone.com/

Note that this maintenance will go for 6 hours, till 11:00am PDT (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maint)

Also remember that blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for us it has to be done.

Lets keep it civil and show that while downtime does indeed suck, we can still be a good community!

Taken from Service Status forums:

01/11/2014 11:20 AMPosted by Neekliam
We will be performing maintenance beginning on Tuesday, January 14th at 5:00 AM PST and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 AM PST. During this time the game and many web services will be unavailable.

Thank you for your patience.

Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'
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Is it weird that I am looking forward to the maintenance? Hopefully the out of sync while playing get fix.
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Yeah, about time for maintenance, now can unplug from Diablo and finally have a shower, i missed my weekly showers! :P

Oh and thanks Narull for the early notice.
Edited by Direblow#6366 on 1/11/2014 5:03 PM PST
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You think you missed yourself taking a shower....
Your on Greenpeace's list of most noxious gas and oder producers WORLD WIDE Dire!!

I couldn't figure out what my eyes wouldn't stop BLEEDING!!!!


So PLEASE yes....go plug the power washer in and get your wife to take it to your NASTY self!!! =]
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Thanks Santa.
This is what happens when Stratia is not about!
You start paying out on randoms !

God bless Stratia!
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Best day for me to put in work. ALL of a sudden maintenance comes...... i fail
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As a relatively new player, I do find this "downtime" a little frustrating, as it does seemingly impinge upon my right as someone who has bought the game, to play it whenever I choose. The fact that players now simply accept that fact and even make jokes about it now is something I have to get used to. :)

It may seem like a strange/naive question, but Is there a way to stagger this maintenance and offer players alternative servers to play on in the meantime?
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01/14/2014 07:03 AMPosted by Pessimeister
It may seem like a strange/naive question, but Is there a way to stagger this maintenance and offer players alternative servers to play on in the meantime?

Actually there is. i know some who plays on european or asian server when US is down. But yes, you will need to start fresh on those servers too.

Or, you can choose to play TL2 offline, which im doing now. :D
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come on, it cant be true!!!!, after 3 days traveling and today come back home wanna slay some demon but.......,Maintenance Slay me off in the menu page T-T
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