Diablo® III

Elwood says "Were on a mission from god."

Zhelobb The Venomous is finally dead!

I have been working on the Unique Collection Achievement on and off for quite sometime. The way I have been doing it is I focus on one monster and pursue it until it's toast. I have been focusing on Zheloob on and off for a long time and last night I decided to put on a black hat and tackle this Elwood style.

After almost 16 hours - RIP! This has been by far the longest run for me in the game.

Now only 17 more to go and I get my 10 points.....

Gart The Mad is next, maybe I'm hunting myself.
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Grats mate, I was doing this cheiv but then I killed a rare I needed and didn't get credit so did it again 3 times and no credit at all. Kinda caused me to give up ~_~
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Thanks, I stayed away from it for awhile but I'm hopeful with 1.08 it won't be an issue - so far so good :)
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Hi ViKata.

Me and a couple of friends are hunting 'Gart The Mad' Add me in game and perhaps we can hook up.
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Done :)
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Still looking for Gart the Mad: I have changed my run in an attempt to find some of these guys more efficiently:

Gart The Mad Howling Plateau
Saha The Slasher Howling Plateau
Ashek Black Canyon Mines
Razor Mouth Black Canyon Mines
Yeth Road to Alcarnus
Shondar The Invoker Road to Alcarnus

@Direblow - I'll be sure to message you if I come across these.

Anyone else interested please post your tag here and I'll add you. If your online I'll do my best to send a message.

I'm not looking for anything in return just to help out - this achievement is nuts.

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Yeth Found 1:55 today - waiting
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Added Mage Lord Ghyyan and Hellscream to the list
Yeth is Toast
Edited by ViKata#1935 on 1/17/2014 7:11 PM PST
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Razor Mouth RIP 20:05 18/01/2014
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Mage Lord Ghuyan RIP 21:00 18/01/2014
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Hellscream RIP 10:54 19/01/2014
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On hold now until the 25/01/2014
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Shondar The Invoker - RIP
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Gart is Toast - RIP we need to get the band back together to get Saha
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Great job on Gart !

We've put together an Achievement chat daily. PST to join in the hunt and tick up a few of these unique monsters of your list.

Thanks ViKata, see you tomorrow in game, Saha on the menu.


PS Hazzor the Viper and Zhelob the Venomous all BBQ'd today :P
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Thanks Dire, I'll be on this weekend again to continue the hunt for Saha...... back to the sand :)
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