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Question about legendary items.

How come that some items are extremely powerful while others are just garbage, like most of the items i've found.

Has it something to do with MF or paragon levels? Will they become more powerful after each paragon level?
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Its just the luck of the roll. Some will roll great stats while others wont...
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It is the range that Blizzard has allowed, which will be lessen in ROS.

Say you have a chance to roll damage on Echoing Fury and it is from 800 to 1500 DPS, the chances of you getting a high DPS is 1 of 700 or 0.14%. In real world term, one out of the 700 Echoing Fury that drops for you will have good stats. I have had less than 10 Echoing Fury dropped for me in 3 months. I have yet to find a good one. It can happen but it is entirely random, it is like going to the casino.
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Too much rng kills the fun for me.

Per Nahk's example. Just calculate all the 1h rare weapons that drop for you and then count the number over 1k dps. None? 5 per year? Would anyone even consider a weapon less than 1k dps? Maybe, if it had socket, 299 stat, 100% crit damage, and life steal. What are the odds though.

I have gotten maybe 15 weapons over 1k dps the entire time I played D3. They all sucked. A crap weapon with 10 or more level reduction is better than any of the 15 over 1k dps rare weapons I have found. Heck due to rng, level reduction items are better than 95% of the legendary items I have found.

Way to much variation. Even in ROS.

Bring back, bring back, bring back Jay Wilson to me, to me... NOT
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Well, the drop rate are fine as long as my mf is high enough - got one pretty nasty echoing fury in mp3 run the other day, 1229 avg dmg, 178 str, chd 95% and socket - sold it for 1.3B, it went in under 20min

i haven't found 1 that is worth more than 20-25M since, of all those 1-2 i find per run
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I have been playing since Black Friday 2013 and every legendary I have gotten sucks but one. Plus not only that is I run with guys that have fewer paragon levels/less gold find/less magic item find and they get 3 to8 drops per Act. I am a female and I have only gotten about 8 legendary items the whole freaking time I have played. I don't get it. Do I get less drops because my battlenet account is set up as a woman? I am really beginning to believe so. Not to mention I have been playing and farming for up to 4 hours or more a day....
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