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Pre-download not working for me.

Anyone else in AUS with this issue? I've checked my settings its set to "Apply latest updates and download future patch data"
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Mine seemed to be stuck in a loop forever. I followed the steps given in the following post, and it downloaded it in 10 minutes.

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Yeah, I forgot to change it from the default 100kb/s to 0/unlimited when I went out yesterday. Changed it when I got home and just left the computer for a while so the Bnet app could do it's thing. Was done quickly too.

Really wish the app had a progress bar or a est countdown timer/download speed function.
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01/19/2014 12:59 PMPosted by Mugsy
Really wish the app had a progress bar or a est countdown timer/download speed function.

When I had to download a MASSIVE patch for starcraft, there was a progress bar for it

I reckon they need some sort of notification as to how big the download is before it starts... as I do not have a large plan myself and need to do the big downloads on the brother's unlimited account.

I also think that they shouldn't be bundling RoS and Patch 2.0 into the same thing... you should only be downloading the new content if you are buying digital. Makes the whole physical distribution copy thing a joke (and saves download quotas for us AUS/NZ peeps who pay dearly for our data).

*Rant over*
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I did it awhile ago but would love for you guys to post about the app needing a progress bar as well. http://us.battle.net/en/forum/#forum9772477

It is still in beta so hopefully they can add it. Bloody annoying not knowing how big the 'background' download is, even if it's going at a slow speed it's still quota.

Whoever the people are making the app clearly didn't think of any country that has download quotas.
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posted into other thread - thanks Narull
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i know its not a FIX or anything, but once the download actually starts, it does say how much is remaining so you can figure out how big the file is. you can then pause it, and resume when in off peak
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Well if you still use the original launcher, it tells you how much you have downloaded, speed of your download and how big the file is, i.e. your typical status of download bar. Massive 15GB file. Are we actually downloading RoS?

Edit: Checked the downloading file its RoS indeed.
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01/20/2014 05:15 PMPosted by jtcdgroup
Are we actually downloading RoS?

In a nutshell - yes.... all the completed content and textures... there is a post about it somewhere *looks* <shrugs> can't find it now - but textures and that sort of stuff that are finished are being shipped with patch - just can't activate them.

Makes a joke of the physical distribution copies if you already have the game installed before you buy it. Also chews up our download quota's unneccessarily too
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Seems a bit presumptuous for them to think that everyone is gonna buy a digital copy or want RoS.
Its a massive 14.5 GB file which for some people who have quotas is too much. Luckily I have unlimited line on my end.

Furthermore the notice to download did not mention it was for RoS.
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