Diablo® III

high monster stuttering after gpu upgrade

Hi everybody just wanted to know that I had a 6950 bone stock that was doing great at this game and now I have a gtx 780 and its is doing very bad when high density mobs appear is it nvidia having problems with their drivers because amd worked really fine for me before my upgrade that seem more like a downgrade :(
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I'm using a gtx 550ti with no problems

I did a quick search and the 6950 requires a 500W PSW while the 780 requires a 600W PSW....is it possible your PSW is underpowering your card which is causing choppy gameplay?

Or are you saying you had been using the 780 and then did a driver upgrade which started the problem
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your mobo or cpu may not be able to handle the information the gpu is putting out ?
if they are older you may need to upgrade those as well : /

does the stuttering occur on lower graphic settings in game ?

jackpot is most likely rite ^^
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Yeah, me too OP. I have a i5, HD7850, 250S amsung SSD, I get a slow stutter when I pull A LOT of mobs. Not sure why, still trying to figure it out, though, i'm pretty sure it's not the specs
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was gaming first with the 6950 and changed up to a 780 and i have a 600 watt ocz 80 plus
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either high or low in graphics doesnt change anything i get the same problems and i think the cpu is ok was working fine before my gpu upgrade ...
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01/23/2014 12:37 PMPosted by XhypnotizeX
was gaming first with the 6950 and changed up to a 780 and i have a 600 watt ocz 80 plus

If your right at the 600W mark you may not be getting enough power to the card (I'm assuming you set up the 8 and 6 pin connectors correctly inside).

Have you updated to the latest drivers and installed the Nvidia system components that come with the card (DVD installer).

The Nvidia tools has a temp and power monitor, you could launch them and then run the game to see if you are getting adequate cooling / power to the card.....here's a link with more info:


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I have a GTX 770 the only time i get chopping is when the servers fail to send the signals fast enough in big mobs like your describing it causes a FPS drop but not because my machine its the lag on the server side

good example is turn on a FPS counter (fraps or Crt+R) and open your friends list while its being displayed you will notice a FPS drop when u open it due to the latency from the server
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Never had problem of stuttering before i changed my 6950 to a gtx 780 why do i have this issue after changing gpu and yes i have the latest drivers from nvidia
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