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Idea for elementalist wizard

I love that offhand that lets electrocute hit the same target over and over again and wanted to build a elementalist wizard around that concept.

I'm sure alot of this (maybe all) has been mentioned before, but does anyone have any ideas on how to make this better?

Electrocute - Chain Lightning
Black Hole - Spellsteal
Blizzard - Frozen Solid
Teleport - Wormhole
Magic Weapon - Ignite
Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor

Unwavering Will
Elemental Exposure

You have Teleport for mobility
Dominance, Energy Armor and Unwavering Will for defense
Paralysis and Blizzard for crowd control
Then to attack you have an Arcane Black Hole, drop a Blizzard on them, and Chain Lightning them to death. With the Ignite buff for Magic Weapon you hit them for all 4 damage types.

Throw on the Tal Rasha's set and have some tightly bunched mobs with 4 types of meteors all slamming into them while stunned.

The only thing I can think of that would make it better is if I could use the fire type Black Hole for more damage, and get my arcane damage from somewhere else, it just has to hit everything and promote the most Chain Lightning spamming.

Any ideas?

Maybe use an arcane damage weapon, though I'm curious if that will proc the Tal Rasha set.
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Your DPS is gonna slow down a lot vs. boss/rift guardian because 'cute will only hit once. But yeah, any time you got 2+ mobs around, I think it'd be viable, sure. Tal's set would help mitigate that loss a little bit, so that's probably a good choice.

I don't think anyone knows if weapon elemental type procs tal's meteors...I haven't seen a post on it and (probably) no one's completed the set yet. Or maybe someone has? The tool tip seems to indicate that you must deal that type of damage, not just have it on your weapon like with elemental exposure.
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I gots' plenty to say.

Audacity > Elemental Exposure. 15% DPS that always works to enemies within 15 yards (cuz let's be honest, the list of enemies that run away is extremely small compared to the ones that assault you head on) is way better than 20% max DPS while being forced into 4 skill slots of choices to make that a reality. Also, don't forget that one of your 4 buffs comes from Black Hole...which is on a 12 second cooldown. So your buff is at 4 stacks only when you manage to cast all your other elements and that one as well. No bueno.

Spellsteal < Event Horizon, Black Hole.. In fact, I firmly believe the benefit to Event Horizon is so ridiculously > all other BH runes.

Well seeing as I've now removed your choice of EE from my passive list, I would then change that MW Ignite to Force Weapon. 15% more DPS to my spenders is sexier than the "let's throw matchsticks at my enemy" quality of Ignite, in my opinion.

Ditch Dominance. I've said this a few times recently but the function of that passive is nonsensical to me. On one hand, the enemies that pose the least amount of threat to you give you a shield when killed..which is useful...why exactly? On the other hand, the enemy that poses the greatest threat to you has no interaction with the passive in any meaningful way, unless we count Illusionists. So when that yellow E is smashing your face in, you'd better melt him in 10 seconds or...splat? Stupid.

I'd swap Dominance for Glass Cannon. You have EA:PA, and UW on your bar. Between those two, you can overcompensate for the defense loss of GC.
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