Been playin since launch, maxed out , been there , done that. why cant i find an item worth a damn? whats the point of even playing anymore? Cant we have a chance, and even a small chance at a potentially decent drop?? For example. lets say a sword dropped and it rolls 100 str, a 10% or even 5% chance that it could scale to my paragon level and roll str 100 + 1 for every level you have earned.. it just makes sense. people want to find items! not sit on the auction house and pay 100000000 gold for +200 damage. lets not even start with rmah. i know they are bringing down the auction houses and for good reason, but common blizzard i know u can figure this out. I still play because i loved d2 and the franchise and just have hope for the game. don't fail us. WE CAN FIX DIABLO 3!