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Lol - just RD nuked myself

Hooray 450k. Too bad, even with LS weapon and BM I got owned by a RD pack. One has chased the DPS dragon too far when forced to kite in Archon. Will scale back a touch to get more AR.

Was funny though to see my wizard blast back through the air so fast though while lasering :)
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I wonder why. Only AR you have is by accident because highest DPS parts on those slots MUST come with it. Mempo and Viles.

Accidents dont usually end well.

Will scale back a touch to get more AR.

You dont have to scale back just trade useless affix's for AR on some things

glove instead of GF can have AR
neck instead of LAK can have AR
Boots nstead of DEX can have AR

and so on
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hmmm congratz ?
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Some background - I have been running Zunis chest, AR80 gloves, and good wards, but decided to see what happens when I trade for all out damage. boom. I've got better mit gear and will place it back on when next I play. I was just surprised at how fast I died when my AR dropped by around 40%. Guess it matter a bit :)
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moar deeps! dying to rd? get moar deeps so that they die before they even have a chance to activate it!
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Lol - I tried that and experienced in-game knock back physics!
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More deeps solves all problems.
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More deeps == @#$^@ ton more gold at this point. Unlike you alls, I've never even come close to having gold amounts in the beezs nor have I ever weilded dual CCs for a pay to win victory. Patience and AH3 skill must continue to be my mantra, until ROS anyways.

Trying to roll better gloves for now...
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640k buffed no BM can still tank RD. Just stack armor and Phys resist.
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