Diablo® III

Why not make another category after Legendary?

In a game that wide and with multiple xpac planned they should introduce another
category of item that are super hard to find.

I would call them "Milestone" items or "Godly" items.

They would require steps to acquire for example like the Hellfire ring.
Or another example is each time you gained a 100 paragon levels you get a
godly item portal or godly event.
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Still don't like legendary name... I like unique..

Divine / cursed..

or item's like have to kill mob X 10000000 times to increase stats or upgrades it's level.. (can't be enchanted)
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Why not just made tiered legendary items like unique, remarkable and exquisite or something like that. Forget the level 60-63.
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How about they just make Legendaries legendary and then we don't have that problem
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how about you need to go to town kill the black smith take his underwear burn them on the blood of diablo's and get a rare recipe but before you can craft you need to collect the snot of belial
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Another category = better rolled Legendaries.

I don't understand how some people think that: get Legendary = You're done.

Go and find versions with better rolled stats...
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I would like two extensions to the current system:

The first part would be Ubber-versions of rares and legendaries - like you suggested. Such an Ubber-Item is simply an improved version of their non Ubber counterpart. For example (to keep it simple and easy to balance), they could have higher mainstats (twice as much for example). The chance that an Ubber version will drop should be extremely small (in D2 LOD ethereal, indestructible uniques are comparable in their power and rareness). Moreover, finding an Ubber item shouldn’t be mandatory to play on the highest difficulty, because they only provide us with the very small chance of finding something really really awesome anytime.

Instead, Ubbers should be complemented by a second mechanic: Upgrading your item (this is not enchanting!):
Every item may be upgradeable requiring crafting materials. At the highest upgrade, an upgraded item should be nearly as strong as the Ubber version. Hence, you do not rely on finding the Ubber version (random progress) as you could also get there by upgrading your item (constant progress). However, in order to upgrade a legendary, you will need to dismantle one of the same type to get the neccessary materials. Hence, finding your second IK armor will get rewarding again, because now you will be able to use it in order to upgrade the one you already own.

I think introducing Ubberversions and the possibility to upgrade your gear will greatly increase the long time motivation in the item system as it would enables as to still improve after finding good legendaries that have a medium drop rate.
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01/23/2014 02:45 PMPosted by KhaoS
Another category = better rolled Legendaries.

I don't understand how some people think that: get Legendary = You're done.

Go and find versions with better rolled stats...


If they made items that were distinctively better than all legendaries, they would just have reduced long-term item choices to those items.
Really there is only need for two types of items in a loot game to fulfill all potential.

"Random" items. Also known as rare items. Everything is randomly rolled.
"Designed" items. Items made for specific purposes. Have at least one pre-determined stat with some purpose to it, but typically more than that.

In a perfect scenario, the two groups should both have equal potential for awesomeness. One through its "generic" rolls, and the other through its designed purpose.

The RoS crafted legendaries are just misnamed rares, that are called legendary so people will think they are more awesome, or something.

You could add White items to the above item groups, as in items with no stats. They are their own type of course, but not particularly relevant except as filler.
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