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Returning player with some questions

Hey i was hoping to get some help. With ah changes and ros around the corner i decided to give d3 another chance. From what i've been reading on boards Archon wiz's are being nerfed in the next patch? how badly and should i be worried, since i mainly run archon.

And speaking of archon i can't seem to figure out how to improve upon my current build (as crappy as it currently is). What am i doing wrong and what areas can i improve in terms of gearing? are there certain slot items with certain specs i should be attempting to craft/grab from the ah before its removed? i really only have 50m to work with since i gave most my gold to friends when i first left. I want to at least attempt some mp10 runs in the near future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

edit: and yes i am aware i need to upgrade my gems, waiting till ros hits since word is higher level gems will be drops. No point of spending money on gems when i can potentially get them as drops in a months time or so.
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Archon is being changed immensely with the removal of Critical Mass and without regearing with new ROS only affixes(cooldown reduction) it won't be very good until then.

The good news is current Archon gear is perfect to adapt to new builds in ROS, so you won't have to change it up much.

Gearing I'll leave up to others to respond or you could follow some guides in the stickys, they are pretty descriptive.
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Thanks for the heads up, glad to hear its not perma dead. Yeah i've read a bunch of stuff but gearing is still leaving me scratching my head. I know i need more survivability in terms of resist and hp but most of the gear i look into takes away from my damage in order to give me that survivability. I was just curious what are the happy mediums in terms of staple items i should look at getting before it becomes next to impossible.

edit: just an example of why i'm confused, some people say tal's chest is better others say zuni's is. My understanding is zunis helps for survivability but i just wanted some more clarification into certain specs i should lean towards for these said items.
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For Archon builds, some prefer the IAS for the DPS boost over the EHP that Zuni can provide. If you are killing yourself against RD mobs, bull charges or molten explosions with Tal's but not with Zuni, then Zuni is a better option at the loss of the DPS.

Depends on what build when it comes to Tal's vs Zuni. CM/WW builds will almost always go with Tal's for the IAS. If you are running Tal's with Archon, you either have decent EHP or you don't mind being that glassy (and probably dying a bit).
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One thing I would do to prepare for RoS is buying a Storm Crow with 5+ CC. You don't need it for your current build, but having a source of APoC makes you much more flexible when RoS shows up, and a Storm Crow is the best place to get it, at almost any budget.

As for improving your current build: gems! Don't go overboard with them, since Marquise gems drop from monsters in RoS, but Star in your armor and Flawless or Perfect Star in your weapon is going to be a huge improvement, and won't cost that much.
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