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favorite area/soundtrack

Diablo has nice soundtracks. I'm not stating this as an assertion which I seek to defend against challengers or anything this is pretty much axiomatic, and it has been the case in all diablo games. They do pretty good minimalist soundtracks and ambient sound which fit the game... at least in your first playthrough.

It is a natural progression; from D1 with your first steps into the cathedral with the gloomy tense music, or D2's eerie ambiance in the first 'real' level when you step into the den of evil.

However; as we play these games more and more, and get to higher difficulty levels and aren't really in the "kite the creepy creatures" mode and more in the mindset of fine-tuning the killbliteration ratio of gib launching mayhem in the arreat battlefield areas in hell difficulty in LoD or the "epileptic's worst nightmare" storm of particle effects and flashing lights flying across the screen while fighting fast/shield/firechain/extrahealth elite mobs and a frozen/molten/plague/arcane rare guy and his minions simultaneously in act 4 MP10; we're usually using our own tunes.

So, that being said; what's your favorite zone/track? Not whole act and playlist, but singular zone/track. We all have our favorite areas/music to listen to; but to narrow it down; lets list a single area and track

I'd say

Gardens of Hope (I like the surgically bright/sterile setting as the backdrop for absolutely chaotic action) MP10/Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa (it's disco; it's fitting for what is basically visual disco)
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I'll stick to D3's music because anything prior is subject to nostalgia :P

Anyway, the music in Act V for RoS tops the vast majority of tracks in D3V, in my opinion.

I just put out a video yesterday showcasing a long, uncut Nephalem Rift run.


The background music starting around the 1 minute mark is from a boss fight in Act V. I can't get enough of it.
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VOTA with Meshuggah- Future Breed Machine. Quiet intro fading into cricket-chirping guitar while you scout for the first pack, quick polyrhythmic death metal while you teleport around like a madman all around the dungeon. By the frantic outro, you're hopefully getting around to the end of the dungeon.
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There's a track called the Nephalist that I really like. It was also used in last year's dance contest at Blizzcon 2013.

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