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You guys pretty much force me to use your new launcher thats in beta, and it honestly 100% of the time never works. It doesnt work for most people, if you search - a thousand people try to log on , and it just says battle.net agent is sleeping.. attemtping to wake up - um fix it? Seriously, its annoying, it just sits there and sometimes randomly works. either fix it or just take it out and ill load my games like i always use to
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...new launcher thats in beta...

Understand? It's in Beta.

BTW -- I can launch my game, currently, with either the battle.net launcher OR the original D3 launcher.
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I always launch with the battle.net beta .... never had any issues myself.

You might want to redirect this to Technical Support.
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Ive never had no issues either
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It's working fine for me to. No problems at all.
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No problem here.
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Never had a problem myself even when it has to update.Just dose it's thing and then I log in.
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Ah i see... it isnt working like at all for me. and to the first guy, dont be a Smart A--, yes its a beta, IF I COULD, launch my game from the folder seperately, i wouldnt care. i understand its a beta. but im forced to use it, thats another thing. i go to launch my D3 from its folder, it automatically opens up the battle.net launcher up every time, and it never works. So, understand? But yeah to everyone else im not sure why it isnt working, maybe ill re download it then since you guys are saying it works
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I wish I could remove the games I don't play (SC2 & WoW) and add legacy games (WC3, SC, Diablo 2). Otherwise I like the new launcher. The fact that it logs you in when you launch games from it makes it worth while.
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dont get me wrong, the idea is great. but it just refuses to work for me. and ive seen a ton of forum posts about it doing the same thing for other people
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Bummer, hopefully they fix it before launch. Is there a reason you have to use it now? I don't remember why I got it myself. I think it was for the Hearthstone beta.

Edit: I saw your other post. It automatically launches it? Why was it installed in the first place?
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01/30/2014 11:17 AMPosted by McyNick
dont get me wrong, the idea is great. but it just refuses to work for me. and ive seen a ton of forum posts about it doing the same thing for other people

Which forum did you find those on? I very very rarely see them in D3 Tech Support. Most people have no issues with it at all unless they have IE disabled or something but that would impact the regular launcher too.

If you have issues still then head over to the Tech Support forum for the Bnet Launcher http://us.battle.net/en/forum/9772479/
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Never had a problem with it. As a matter of fact, it makes everything a lot easier.
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The new launcher is really nice and working fine here.
I especially like how you can open a support page in your browser and then are logged into the forum automagically.
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I've been using it for awhile and I've never had a problem with it, it works perfectly for me.
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Mine works like a charm. No issues ever.
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Just you, OP.

The battle.net launcher is a pretty nifty tool.
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Works great for me, and as has been mentioned previously, I have also seen very few forum posts regarding anyone having serious problems with it.

It can cause problems if you run it in compatability mode (even just as admin). So if your doing that uncheck that option and try again.

Also, if you are trying to launch D3 directly from a shortcut then try opening the launcher app and run it from there and see if you still have any problems.

This is likely a technical support issue related specifically to your computer rather than a widespread issue with the launcher app, at this point anyways.
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