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Help With CM wiz gear

Im not able to survive very well and was wondering what gear i need to replace and what stats should be on them..Let me know what i have to do.

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Grab a Storm Crow with 5.5+ CC and 420+ LoH, and a Force with 9 IAS and 100+ Vit. That'll take care of your AP issues without costing too much HP. You'll lose some paper DPS, but that's fine. (Such a waste of that Marquise gem, though. The Mempo is worth about as much as it'll cost you to unsocket it. It's almost cheaper to just salvage it and get back the Amethyst that way...)

Losing the Mempo drops you below the 2.501 breakpoint. The best place to get that back is on a ring. Lose the Unity, replace it with either a CC/IAS/AR/etc rare or a CC Nat's ring. If you go for Nat's, be sure to combine it with Nat's boots with Int/Vit, for the huge 7CC bonus.

Now you need to pick up some LoH. Get a pair of BT pants with 420+ LoH, 65+ AR (or 350+ Armor) and something like Vit, Int/Vit or Armor. That brings you to 840+ LoH, which takes care of your sustain. You lose the IAS and MS from the Inna's. Get it back on Lacuni Prowlers, with CC and 65+ AR. Armor is a nice bonus.

Next up is hitting breakpoints. There's 2 main choices: 2.501 (with an OS Will) or 2.728 APS (with an IAS Will).

With an 1.78 IAS Will (no socket), you only need 6 pieces of 9 IAS each to hit the 2.728 breakpoint. With a 1.79 APS Will, you can use 1 piece of 8 IAS instead of 9.

With 1.64 APS, you'll hit the 2.501 breakpoint with that same 6 * 9 IAS, and with 1.65 APS one you can once again use 1 piece of 8 IAS instead.

Both of those approaches are solid. The former is a little cheaper and better against bosses, annoying elite packs and ubers. The latter does a bit more damage. I'd recommend the IAS Will route at this time.

Your armor mostly has 9 IAS already, so whichever you choice, it should be a fairly easy step. However, keep in mind that you're looking for 9 IAS on all (or all but 1) of the pieces when shopping for the things I mentioned above. The 6 pieces of IAS you should have are 2 rings (rare + Nat's, Pox + Nats, or Pox + rare), Force, Lacuni, Tal's chest and Witching Hour.

You're very low on AR. Your shoulders need Armor, AR and either Vit or %Life (and both if you get bad rolls). Either keep crafting them until you get lucky, or just bite the bullet and buy a Vile Ward. Losing some Int on it is not a big deal.

You need more AR than that, though. If you followed my IAS advice above, you can drop the IAS from your gloves, and replace it with AR and a better CD roll. The Witching Hour and the Lacuni Prowlers should also both have at least 65 AR, and some Armor would be good too. Once again, don't worry about the Int. A dead Wizard does 0 DPS.

These changes should push you over 750 AR and closer to 4k armor, which will allow you to switch to the following skill setup: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#V.XhYT!Wgb!Y.ccYc, which will increase your effective DPS by about 40%, mostly thanks to Shocking Aspect. If you still find yourself dying too much, drop down one or two MP levels, or use Crystal Shell.

The open slot is up to personal preference. Force Weapon, Molten Impact, Liquify, Safe Passage and Wormhole are all popular choices. I generally run Safe Passage myself. Blood Magic is unnecessary with 800-1000 LoH on your gear.

For more information about the SNS build (which is what the above skill setup is), see PieHole's excellent guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8728753771

Good luck!
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Thank you very much..that helped out alot..Once i get more funds ill be able to do more changes but so far im able to do mp10.
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