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Questions on Rerolling in ROS

I haven't tried BETA yet but soon will but I have a range of questions

Based on other topics like perfect 5 it seems some people are already rerolling D3 items on Beta. Can you make a bunch of mistakes on Beta and then do it properly when ROS starts for real.

Can you reroll an affix on a D3 'crafted' item.

If average damage can be rerolled in ROS what is the range on rare items, lvl61-63 and is it different for legendary.

I will think of more questions and I am sure other people have a lot of questions about rerolling.

I am at that stage where I want to get an understanding of what items will be good to carry over or purchase to reroll. The perfect 5 topic was good but still lots of unanswered questions.
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Lots of these questions are probably unanswered even by blizzard themselves. The average damage ranges for weapons has changed fairly dramatically every single beta patch already. e.g. in the f&f beta, even rare weapons rolled very high. Now they're practically worthless. Select legendary and set weapons (like Calamity and Manajuma's Carving Knife in particular) reroll with high damage ranges, whereas others do not (like Sun Keeper)

Also, the one thing that you need to come to terms with is that not a single piece of gear that exists on live today will truly be BIS in RoS end-game. No matter how carefully you buy, you will not be facerolling T6 with gear from live, you probably won't even be facerolling T3.
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Thank Silverfire. I sold my ubber LS Echoing Fury and now have some planning money. I was going to load up ROS only my son is visiting and has smashed my useage so I can't until the 10th Feb. Until then I'm a bit in the dark but your advise will be a good start.

What do you think about equipping with the following types of equipment.

Tal Rashas relentless pursuit - high life% and vit
Witching hour 9% ais and high CD and AR
Bul Kathos set

A piece of gear I have always run with is Innas with high AR rather than Vit. I think these will be good.
Not sure about boots at this stage.

I just hate the idea the this gear will be useless shortly after starting ROS and we will be throwing it out. But it might help kick start ROS. I suppose it about limiting losses in a way. Going from ubber Barbs to something that will give us a kick start.
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01/31/2014 05:50 PMPosted by silverfire
Also, the one thing that you need to come to terms with is that not a single piece of gear that exists on live today will truly be BIS in RoS end-game.

01/31/2014 05:50 PMPosted by silverfire
No matter how carefully you buy

You're 97.99% of the time correct.
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Ok as Silverfire suggested Blizzard doesn't know the answers to all my questions but one I am really keen to get an answer on is

Can crafted gear from D3 be used at the start of ROS.

I have some great crafted gear but the last week I have been buying other gear that I can use in case I can't start with crafted.

I still have gloves to go.

Also another question is when you transfer across to ROS what will happen to the D3 account. Not that I will but what if I want to go back to D3 will my gear be ROS or will they do a one off image across to ROS and I could go back if I wanted.

Any answers would be appreciated.
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